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2008 NBA Playoff Betting

The Race is on in the NBA. With just one more game to go in the college basketball season it is the time of year for most sports bettors to run the focus back on to the NBA. Many sports bettors may have taken a break from the NBA to get involved in the college tournament or to even watch the start of the baseball season. Now is the perfect time to get back into the pros and get caught up just before the second season, the playoffs, start.

In the East you may not have missed much as the Boston Celtics keep on rolling and dominate the East and have clinched home court throughout the playoffs. They are the clear Expert NBA Pick for the playoffs. The pistons, Magic, and the Cavaliers follow up as 2, 3 and 4 prospectively heading into the playoffs. The 5-8 spots are occupied by Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto and the Hawks of Atlanta but these spots are not firm at the moment. The Hawks have begun to separate the distance with the last seed as they hold a 3 game advantage over the ninth seed pacers. They meet again with just 5 games to go so the bottom of the East is far from over.

In the west it is a completely different story and it would seem as there are no spots that are safe in the entire conference. New Orleans owns the top spot in the west but only 1.5 games separates the spurs and the Lakers from getting the top spot. The teams vying for the top spot may well be looking at the bottom of the bracket to see who they would match up against before they make a run for the top spot in the west. Technically it may not even be up to them as even the current six seed in the Phoenix Suns are still in reach of winning the title just 3.5 games out. The eighth spot is going to be a dog fight in the west. The Denver Nuggets find themselves floundering and are currently tied for the spot with the Golden St Warriors and these two teams meet again this season. There is still the Dallas mavericks that just have 2 games over the eight spot and can still very well back out of the playoffs. Coming down the stretch this race will be an exciting one!!


The bottom line is that the NBA race for the playoffs and the playoffs have the excitement again that they used to have. For a sports bettor now is the perfect time to get back involved and catch up with races, injuries, and strategies heading into the second season. The smart sports bettor will stay away from the meaningless games in the next week and just focus on the teams that are going to the next level. When the sports bettor focuses on the next level they will get involved with the teams that will be front and center once the playoffs do tip off and will give the sports bettor an edge having watched them over the last couple of games. Get ready for NBA excitement and the profits that it can bring your way once the playoffs begin, but make sure you are prepared!