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10 Cent MLB Sportsbooks

What is a Dime Line / 10 Cent Line?

The term "Dimeline" refers to the difference in price between the favorite and the underdog price in an MLB game. For example, the Boston Red Sox are playing the Baltimore Orioles at home. For arguments sake the Red Sox are the favorite of -140, If you where to bet them using a sportsbook that had a dime line, the price on the underdog Orioles would be +130, which is "10". This is why sometimes its referreced to as a 10cent line. Meaning you need to bet $1.40 to win $1.00 on the favorite or $1.00 to win $1.30 on the Underdog.

Bet at 5dimes Not all sportsbooks deal with a 10 Cent line they use what is referred to as a 20 cent line. Still others, deal what is called a graduated line. Meaning it starts out as a 10 cent line, but increases as the price increases. So you are never getting a true Dime Line.

When betting on Baseball its very important to use books that offer a True dime! Over the course of a long MLB season, if you're saving that kind of money every time you bet, it translates into more earnings for you instead of your bookie or the sportsbooks. Simply, you win MORE when you win, and you lose LESS when you lose.

Here Are The Best Dime Line Sportsbooks -

  • 5Dimes Sportsbook - 10 cent lines up to -176. Also offers overnight nickel lines! Smaller wagering limits than BetDSI and one time deposit bonus of 50% on deposits of $100 to $400 Click Here Now

  • BetDSI - Offers a progressive dime line from -105 to -139. It moves to a 15 cent line from -145 to -169 and to a 20 cent line from -175 to -189. It becomes a 30 cent line at -200 to to -225 and a 40 cent line from -240 to -285. All BTB Visitors enjoy a 25% signup and re-up bonuses up to $2500, free contests and more with promo code DSI25 - Click Here Now

  • - Dimelines up to -180, signup now and get a win bonus of 25%! Click Here Now

  • Stop by our sports forum and ask questions about low juice sportsbooks and which ones would be the best for the sports bettor.