• Major League Baseball Handicapping: Bullpens

    When betting on baseball, handicappers realize that if they miss even the finest detail they could lose the game. There is nothing worse than watching a game and realizing that you did not cover an area that is coming back to haunt you and could cost you big money. One of the areas that are often overlooked is the bullpen. The starting pitcher is always in the forefront and perhaps for good reason.

    The starting pitcher will often go deep into the game pitching at least five to seven innings if not more. The odds makers often use the starting pitcher as the focal point for placing the betting line. This makes the starting pitcher one of the most important people on the field, however if the team has a bullpen that is not 100 percent accurate at closing the door, they could end up costing the starting pitcher the win. From an even worse standpoint they could even cost the baseball bettor money. This is just one of the reasons that handicapping the bullpen is an important part of baseball handicapping.

    However most new bettors struggle to find a way to research bullpens, because they have no idea what pitcher the manager will bring in on any given night. This is why looking at innings pitched or days rest is a very important aspect of preparing for a game. Baseball is a grind and the manager does not often bring in a star closer on back to back nights. Therefore when handicapping a bullpen for baseball it is vital to know how many days in a row a pitcher has taken the field. If the star closer is not available then it could seriously hinder the game.

    Bet at 5dimes Another area to consider is the lefty/righty matchup. If a team is stacked in one type of hitter it would promote a manager to bring in a certain type of pitcher to take advantage of the matchups.

    Complete games are a thing of the past and they have gone by the wayside. Starting pitchers rarely go the distance which makes handicapping the bullpen more important than ever when it comes to betting on baseball.

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