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  • How to calculate Batting Average and use it in sports betting

    When betting on baseball every edge is important to the sports handicapper. Any and every angles should be used by the baseball bettor to get an edge on the big game. Baseball is all about statistics. From players to games, to individual statistics, numbers play a big role and there may not be a more important statistic than batting average.

    Batting average is very important because it basically will display how well a player can hit the ball. This can be quite effective when betting on a baseball game because the bettor can use it to determine how well a player has hit on the season and use it to predict how well they will hit in the future. Batting average is a very important baseball statistic that measures the percentage of times a batter gets a hit. Batting average MAY be an imperfect measure of batting proficiency because it doesn't include walks (base on balls) in the calculation. Many analysts believe the omission dilutes this statistic. I believe that it is still a valid statistic. To really understand what batting average is the bettor has to understand how to calculate it.

    The calculation of Batting Average is Hits divided by At-Bats. A hit is defined as a Single, Double, Triple or Homerun. However not all At-Bats qualify as Official at-bat. Walks, Sacrifice Hits, Hit by Pitch and Catcher's Interference are not considered official at-bats and are not calculated in the batting average formula. So although there are some quirks to it, figuring out batting average is quite easy.

    Sports bettors can use this formula to figure out how well a player is hitting, how well a batter hits against a particular opponent or pitcher, and also to predict how well they will do in the future. Many of the more popular sports sites do the math for the bettor or the fan so it’s even easier to use as a sports bettor. As mentioned baseball is a game of statistics and for the baseball bettor to do well they have to emerge themselves into the statistics to find a way to use them to make profit while betting on baseball.

    Batting average is one of the most popular stats and will define just how good a ball player can hit. As a bettor it is very important to know how this works and to use it to make money. Once the bettor begins to use statistics and seethe end result, which is making money, the bettor will find other great ways to use stats to beat the bookie