2010 American League CY Young Prediction

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The CY Young award is awarded to the best pitcher in major league baseball. This award is the most prestigious award that a pitcher can receive and it is awarded in the National league and in the American league. In the American league last year a surprise candidate won it as Zack Greienke won the award pitching for the Kansas City Royals. In 2010 the field is wide open and for the sports bettor picking the CY Young award winner can be very profitable. Here is a look at some of the favorites to win the award in the American League and the current MLB odds.

Jon Lester Boston Red Sox
Current Odds: 2/1
With Josh Beckett and John Lackey on the same team it would seem odd that Lester would be the favorite to win the award. However with his spot in the rotation he won’t face many number one starters and he has the stuff to grab the hardware. He has pitched a no-hitter in the past and playing with such a good team there is a chance they could get him to twenty wins.

Zack Greienke Kansas City Royals
Current Odds: 3/1

Half of the reason that he won the award last year is that he pitched so well and played for such a bad team. It is difficult to put up consistently good numbers and get wins with a team that does not give run support has a bullpen that could blow any lead. He deserves a look for the award but will be tough to repeat.

Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
Current Odds: 2/1

Hernandez is one of the favorites to win the award for many reasons. He has been solid ever since he came into the big leagues and he finished second in the balloting for the award last year. The Seattle Mariners upgraded the team in many positions making them even better so he may even have better numbers in year’s past. If there is a pitcher in this race that has a great shot to win the award this year it’s Hernandez.

These are the top three pitchers but there are plenty of other pitchers that deserve a quick look. CC Sabathia (5/1) of the Yankees, always pitches well and is playing for the best team in baseball. Justin Verlander (7/2) of the Tigers is steady and will be the ace of the Detroit staff and if they stay in contention he is a pitcher that can compete. Finally Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners is listed at 3/1 to win this award. The Mariners have improved and Lee knows the American league, if he can stay healthy he has a legitimate shot.

When looking to place a wager on a pitcher to win the CY Young award make sure to do your research and analyze the background of the pitcher and attempt to forecast the performance on the year. With the right approach at the end of the year when the CY young award is announced it could mean extra money in your pocket!