The sports bettors love different times of the year to bet on sports. Different seasons mean different sports and different opportunities for a sports bettor to make some money betting on a sport. However, sometimes a sport does not even have to be in season to get some betting attention. For example now is the time to bet on college football.

College football does not start until the fall but it does not mean that you have to wait to bet on the sport. Many of the top rated Las Vegas sports betting locations unveiled lines on some of the biggest college football games of the season. They know that college football bettors do not want to wait to bet on the sport that they love and if giving the opportunity they will take a chance betting on college football although the season does not open for many months.

When the Las Vegas books opened these college football lines it attracted some early betting action which is not surprising considering that the love for the sport and the fact that the smart college football handicapper loves to get in on the action early to get value. Lines and or point spreads are best for bettors the minute that they are released because this is when they have the most value. Since Vegas put lines on the early games and the biggest games there will be no shortage of action. Some of the biggest games and lines included games like Clemson -1 at Florida State, Baylor -4.5 at Texas, Michigan -2 at Michigan State, Wisconsin -4 at Nebraska, Georgia -1 vs. Florida and Mississippi -12 vs. Auburn. It also included big opening week games like Pittsburgh -9 vs. Penn State, Utah -7.5 vs. BYU and TCU -6 vs. Arkansas.  Since Vegas put out some lines it will not take long for online sports betting sites to do the same. That is why now is the time to pick a great place to bet on college football like XBet. XBet may not be a household name but it is quickly becoming one of the best sports betting sites in the sports betting business today. They have a great customer service team that is ready and willing to help a new player get up and running just in time for the college football season.  This includes opening an account, claiming a bonus and betting on your favorite sport.

They also have college football futures for this popular sport which of course includes great wagering options. This means that a player can bet on what team that they think will be national champions when the season begins. This is a popular way to wager on college football because it allows a player to invest in their team now although the season is not even in session.

Check out XBet now and see why they could be your number one destination for betting on college football now and when the season kicks off.