Western Athletic Conference Opening Power Ratings

Last Updated: 2017-11-05

How the mighty have fallen. It’s not like the Western Athletic Conference was one of the power conferences in sports, but it was certainly better for athletics than it is now. It wasn’t that long ago the likes of Air Force, BYU, Boise State and Fresno State were plying their respective trades in the WAC, but those days are long over.

Instead, the Western Athletic Conference is currently made up of school who aren’t exactly known for the abilities on the hardwood.

New Mexico State is going to be the highest-rated of the bunch and there are a few other schools who can keep the pressure on the Aggies, but you also have several pretty poor teams in the conference.

Western Athletic Conference Opening Power Ratings
New Mexico State 78
CSU Bakersfield 75
Grand Canyon 74
Utah Valley 72
Seattle University 66
Kansas City (UMKC) 64
UT Rio Grande (Texas Pan American) 63
Chicago State 57

Even though New Mexico State is the highest-rated team in the conference, there were some differences of opinion in their ratings, which had a high of 85 all the way down to a 67, which made the Aggies fourth in the conference on that one particular set of ratings. Their opening 78 is probably pretty close to where they should be based on the remaining two sets of ratings.

Kansas City also had a pretty large difference between power ratings, while somehow Utah Valley had just a difference of 3.21 points in the four different sets of ratings used.

Using the ratings is a simple process, but an extremely difficult task, solely due to the number of teams in Division I college basketball and the number of games played. That’s the primary reason I typically say people should focus on a couple of conferences.

If we’re using the standard 4.0 points for home court, you simply add them to the home team’s rating for your projection. If Utah Valley is hosting Seattle, we have Utah Valley’s rating of 72 and we add the four points for home court to get 76. Since Seattle has a rating of 66, our quick power rating prediction is Utah Valley to win by 10 points.

If Seattle was the home team, we’d have Utah Valley’s rating of 72 and Seattle’s rating of 66 plus the four points for being the home team to have a total of 70. Therefore, our prediction is now Utah Valley by two points. That’s all there is to it. We’ll look at updating the ratings when the final scores come in next.

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