The James Harden saga is finally over as the Philadelphia 76ers have traded him to the Los Angeles Clippers. Harden made it clear that he would only play for the Clippers this season, but it will be interesting to see who lasts. 

This Clippers team now has four future Hall of Famers, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that works out for them. There is plenty of talent on that roster, but at some point there will be some drama that comes as well. 

It’s NBA Championship or bust in LA, but there are still some other great teams in the Western Conference. . The real intrigue will come if things start to unravel a bit, and the team has to figure out what to do moving forward. 

Here is a look at some unique LA Clippers betting odds to explore at BetOnline

How Many Players Return?

The Clippers are going to give this a real chance this season, but there is no guarantee that they are going to be able to get the job done. Either way, the franchise will have some interesting decisions to make after the season, and the players will as well. 

You can actually bet on how many of these superstars will be on the team following the season, and here are the betting odds that you are going to want to check out:

  • 3 of them Will Return +150
  • 2 of them Will Return +250
  • All 4 Will Return +350
  • 1 of them Will Return +450
  • None of them Will Return +750

(all odds above are from our trusted sportsbook BetOnline)

The most logical option is betting on a trio of superstars to return next season, as that option comes with odds set at +150. If only two of these players return next season you can bet on that at +250, but that feels like a big loss for this franchise. 

There is definitely the hope that all four players will be back next season and beyond, but these are four players that all have a history of wearing out their welcome. Harden might be the most logical choice to leave as he doesn’t ever seem to be happy in any situation. 

These betting odds are going to remain open throughout the season, and they are going to be interesting to watch as the action unfolds. Now is likely when you are going to see the most value. 

Which Player Leaves?

Not only can you bet on how many of these players are going to return in 2024-25, you can also make a prediction on which player will leave. Since Harden is set to join a new team, the hope is that he is able to remain with the Clippers for a long time. 

It is actually Russell Westbrook that is the most logical choice to move on at the end of the season. You will see odds for him not being on the roster next year at -150, or you can bet on him to be back with the Clippers at +110. 

The odds with this market for Harden are extremely interesting to look at, but they might surprise fans of the Clippers. You can bet on Harden to be with another franchise next season at +170, or you can bet on him to come back to the Clippers at -250. 

It’s not like the Clippers had Harden in their plans when this season began, but they would like to keep him around now that they did the work to acquire him. Keeping him happy is going to be the toughest part of this equation as it’s something that many cannot do.