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There is very little question that the experience for sports bettors when they are engaged with “Live Betting Extra” at BetAnySports is different than anything else they may have been involved with before. And it is indeed something that requires skills that may not necessarily be required in the normal process of handicapping / betting.

Are there some things we can tell you that might help you become better at this activity, which is almost like a sport in itself? We think there might be.

* You better be quick with the “point and click.” This is more than just a slogan. Think about it this way for a moment: when you are playing games like craps, blackjack, video poker or roulette in the BetAnySports casino, the pace can be very fast, naturally. But even with all of that, you are in control of when any given round of play starts. With Live Betting Extra, that isn’t the case. You have to react to situations as they occur in events that are taking place elsewhere, and you have to do it quickly. So in this particular online gambling activity, you are most definitely NOT in control of the pace. Be alert at all times, and then, well, go back to the first line of this paragraph.

* If you handicapped a particular event, and felt strongly about a certain line or prop, you may be able to get an even better price on it as the event is in progress, especially if what has occurred to that point doesn’t change your opinion. Depending on how strong your opinion was to begin with, you may want to hit that relatively hard as a way of “pressing” your action.

* Conversely, if you see that your opinion – perhaps supported by a sizable wager – is going right down the toilet, you can use Live Betting Extra to hedge your bets, as it were, and do what you can to get on the right side. That is, IF you have determined by that time that the other side is the one that is now right. The point is, Live Betting Extra presents that opportunity to you.

* If you become accustomed to the propositions that are available on an ongoing basis through BetAnySports and Live Betting Extra, you may want to concentrate on handicapping those props in preparation, so that you are ready to quickly evaluate whether a price gives you some value at any given time.

* If you can (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to), open up several windows in your browser, so that you can accommodate multiple events at once. What this will do is cut down on the time it takes to move from one event to another and back again. This may not sound like much, but when you start to play you will realize that time is very much of the essence, as the window to capitalize on a potentially profitable situation can close very quickly.

* For some people, it is always helpful if they can place wagers on the event they are watching on television. This is understandable, since sometimes being able to see what is occurring in progress can provide more of a “feel” as to what is going to happen next, which, obviously, is what you’re betting on in this format. Just make sure your computer screen is pointing in the same direction as your television! With all of the fast-paced action provided by Live Betting Extra, you can easily develop whiplash if it isn’t!

And we’ll be back with even more tips!

Get on board with BetAnySports and experience Live Betting Extra today!

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