Load management has been a popular phrase used around the NBA over the last few seasons, and it was only getting worse. The best players in the league were routinely being rested throughout the season, and it became a nightmare for the league.

That is going to change during the 2023-24 NBA season as new rules have been implemented to try and stop that from happening in the future. It’s unclear if the problem is going to be stopped for real, but there will be fines handed down for teams that choose to rest their star performers.

Like with anything else, you can now make bets on these new rules at BetOnline, as there are a number of ways to make bets on this. Here is a look at three betting markets to explore and some of the best odds that are available.

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When Will First Fine Occur?

The league is hopeful that there won’t be any fines handed out this year, but that’s obviously not going to be the case. In fact, the odds make it look like there will be a fine handed down pretty early in the season.

Here are the betting odds to look at for this market based on when the first fine will occur:

  • Games 11-20 +150
  • Games 1-10 +200
  • Games 21-30 +350

Based on the odds listed above, you are going to find that a fine pretty early on in the season is going to be the most logical option. It actually comes as a big surprise that games 1-10 isn’t the favorite in this market, as star players simply don’t care about the rules.

Go with the favorite in this market, though, and look for the first fine to be handed down during a team’s 11-20th game played.

What Team Will Be Fined First?

Teams with star players tend to use load management more than others, but really, any team in the league could be fined because of this new rule. You can actually bet on which team will be fined first, and you won’t be surprised when you see the betting odds that are listed.

The Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites to be fined first, as those odds are set at +200 at BetOnline, and that isn’t a shock. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are two players who pushed the load management craze, and they actually do need to rest at times.

Beyond the Clippers, you are going to see the Phoenix Suns at +250, the Los Angeles Lakers at +300, and the San Antonio Spurs at +500. While the Clippers feel like the best option in this betting market, you should look at the Lakers in this one.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are going to need some breaks this season, and the Lakers won’t be afraid of resting them when needed.

Which Franchise Acquires Most Fines?

When looking at the teams that are going to acquire the most fines throughout the NBA regular season, you are going to see similar franchises as what is listed above. Even though the league is hoping to stop load management, there will be some teams that simply ignore all of the rules.

The Clippers are the clear favorites to rack up the most fines this year, as they have odds set at +150. Los Angeles has a goal to win the NBA Championship this season, and they believe that resting their stars is the only way to get that done.

You can also look at the Phoenix Suns (+200) or Los Angeles Lakers (+250) when making a bet on this market, but they are going to be pushing for the best record in the regular season. That doesn’t matter to the Clippers, and they are going to want Leonard and George healthy for the postseason.