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Tim Tebow electrified college football fans when he played quarterback for Florida in a career that included a Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and a BCS National Championship as a junior. Ever since Denver selected him in the first round of the 2010 draft, he has been a lightning rod of controversy in the NFL. The fans still love him for the ability to make plays and the overall excitement he brings to the game, while the experts continue to constantly dog him about his deficiencies at the quarterback position.

This past week Tebow was released by his current team, the New York Jets after they decided to draft quarterback Geno Smith in the second round of this year’s draft. As expected, he cleared waivers and is now free to sign with any team he wants. The problem is that nobody is really sure whether or not there is another NFL team that is willing to add him to its roster along with all the media attention such a move would surely bring.

There is so much interest in this story, that Sportsbook.ag has released a couple prop bets for Tebow’s future in professional football.

SportsBookSigns with an NFC Team -110

Tebow has played for two AFC teams in his NFL career so there may be a bit more value in the odds for that conference, but you never know who might be interested in the NFC. The one team that has surfaced from this conference in the latest rumor mill is the Washington Redskins, although that is far from official. Given the success of Robert Griffin III as a mobile quarterback in Mike Shanahan’s offensive scheme it could make some sense, especially since RG III is still on the mend from knee surgery. This scenario, at best remains a reach.

Signs with an AFC Team -110

The rest of the teams that have reportedly expressed some interest in possibly signing Tebow are all in the AFC, making this prop the most likely one to cash in on. The teams on the list include San Diego, New England, Cleveland, Miami and Oakland.

The two that jump out for me are the Patriots and the Raiders. Bill Belichick could care less about the media circus that Tebow would bring to Foxborough and is only interested in whether or not he could help the team. He is also the right head coach to develop productive ways to utilize Tebow’s unique skill set in the Patriots’ offensive scheme.

The Raiders land on the short list simply because of a past history of giving just about anyone a second chance to resurrect their career. If Al Davis was still alive this would probably be a no-brainer, but for now it is a longshot at best considering that they just drafted former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson in the fourth round.

Signs with the CFL +400

If the rest of the spring and then summer progress with no real interest from an NFL team, the likelihood that the CFL becomes the next stop in Tebow’s career increases dramatically. He does not want to have to go ‘north of the border’ to play football but the competitive nature inside could enough of a motivating factor to push him into the only other viable option on the table. He would become an instant hero in the CFL while getting a chance to prove he can still be a starting quarterback at the professional level. It is well worth a small play on this prop once June 1 rolls around if the current odds remain the same.

Signs with the Arena League +1000

Tebow obviously wants to continue his career, but not at the risk of forever tarnishing his reputation. He would jump at the chance to play in Canada before falling all the way down to this level.

Does not play another down of professional football +400

As mentioned before, the competitive juices continue to burn for Tebow as far as wanting to prove he still has what it takes to play quarterback at the next level and I would be completely surprised if there was not at least one NFL team out there willing to give him a spot on the roster. At the very least, one of the eight CFL teams will make him an offer that cannot refuse.

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