The state of the 2023-24 NBA season is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start making bets on the sport. There have been NBA futures odds available since the end of last year, and new markets are always being added as well.

While betting on the division or conference champions is always going to be a great option, there are some unique options to check out as well. Here is a look at three NBA season specials that you are going to want to focus on.

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Following the Floppers

The flopping in the NBA has gotten out of control over the last few years, and the league is finally trying to do something about it. Referees are now going to be able to issue a technical foul to players who commit a flopping violation, and you can now bet on the first player to receive a technical foul.

It’s typically the best players in the sport that are doing the most flopping, and you will notice that when looking at the betting odds for this market. Here are the odds that you will see when you check this out:

  • Marcus Smart +700
  • Draymond Green +750
  • LeBron James +1000
  • James Harden +1000
  • Chris Paul +1000

You can really stop there when looking to bet on this market, as one of those players is going to get dinged with a technical foul early on in the season. Referees will be anxious to make this call, and these five players simply can’t help but to flop.

Bet on LeBron James to be the first player to receive a flopping technical foul at +1000, as his flops tend to come right out in the middle of the open.

Betting on the Suns Super Team

The Phoenix Suns have put together a super team heading into the 2023-24 NBA season, and they are hoping that it will lead them to a championship. Phoenix has been close in recent years, but they now have three of the ten best-scoring threats in the game on their team.

Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant are going to be teaming up for the first time this season, and they are going to be fun to watch on offense. Phoenix hopes that this trio will be together for a long time, but you can bet on how many games this trio will end up playing together.

The over/under for this bet is set at 154.5 total games, and that wouldn’t even be two full seasons. Injuries can obviously impact how many games the trio plays together, but Durant has also been known to request a trade throughout his career.

Phoenix fans hope that this trio will nearly double the line that is currently set, but the best wager to make is taking the under in this matchup.

Where Will Williamson Land?

It has been a pretty miserable offseason for Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans, and that came after he didn’t play at all last season. He has since been called out on social media by an adult film star, and it seems as if his time in New Orleans might be coming to a close.

New Orleans can’t afford to just let Williamson go, though, but a fresh start might be something that is needed for both parties. With that in mind, you can actually make a bet on where Williamson might be headed if he does indeed leave the Pelicans.

Here are the odds for that market:

  • Portland Trail Blazers +200
  • Houston Rockets +250
  • Charlotte Hornets +350
  • New York Knicks +400
  • Utah Jazz +750

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