Now that the NFL trade deadline has come and gone, rosters are set for the remainder of the season. While there isn’t going to be a ton of roster moves from now until the playoffs begin, you are going to see some changes at coaching positions. 

It was only a matter of time before a head coach in the NFL was fired, and it was the Las Vegas Raiders that made the first move. Las Vegas decided to move on from head coach Josh McDaniels after it became clear that this team was headed in the wrong direction. 

Now that McDaniels has been fired, other teams are going to be looking to make similar decisions. There are a number of ways to bet on the NFL when it comes to future odds, and that includes picking the next head coach to lose his job. 


Who’s Number Two?

Josh McDaniels was not the betting favorite to lose his head coaching job first, but it just became clear that he had to go. His firing definitely took some pressure off of other coaches, but it also loosened up general managers as well. 

Ron Rivera of the Washington Commanders is now the clear betting favorite to be the second head coach fired. The odds for this to happen to Rivera are set at +150, and he has been at the top of this list all season long. 

Matt Eberflus of the Chicago Bears is up there as well as he has odds set at +300. The Chicago Bears are notorious for never firing a head coach during the regular season, but Eberflus has the worst coaching record in the history of this franchise. 

Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers is really the only other clear choice to be fired as he has odds set at +400. The Chargers have been a major disappointment this season, but there is still some time to turn things around. 

If you are going to bet on this market then you want to choose one of the three coaches listed above. Going with Eberflus might actually be the best bet to make as he is going to get fired at some point, and there is also some great value there. 

Josh McDaniels is not going to be the only coach fired this season, and there will be another firing coming at some point this season. 

Raiders Need a New Coach

Now that the Las Vegas Raiders have moved on from Josh McDaniels, this  team is going to be needing a new coach. An interim head coach is currently in place, but he’s not going to be the man that leads them in the future. 

There are a ton of big names being thrown around as the next potential coach in Las Vegas, and this franchise should be able to attract a major name. They do have the advantage of beginning the search before anyone else, but some of the top candidates won’t be available until later in the year. 

Jim Harbaugh is currently the betting favorite to land the job in Las Vegas as he has odds set at +500. Harbaugh might be forced out of college football soon, but other NFL franchises will want his services as well. 

Here are some other names and the odds (from BetDSI) that you are going to want to consider if you are going to bet on this market:

  • Ben Johnson +700
  • Frank Smith +800
  • Dan Quinn +900
  • Jim Schwartz +1000
  • Kellen Moore +1000

The pick to make with this bet is Kellen Moore at +1000 as the Raiders always tend to go with the flashy choice. Place your bet at BetDSI and claim their amazing welcome bonus.