The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast May 31, 2018

Last Updated: 2018-05-31

We had a little bit of a shortened version of The Bettor’s Box on the Memorial Day holiday. We did not have a shortened version of The Bettor’s Box on May 31. In fact, it was probably the best edition of the industry’s top MLB betting podcast of the season from host Adam Burke. He covered a lot of great information and listeners should be very happy with this one.

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As mentioned, host Adam Burke was ready and raring to go with this edition of The Bettor’s Box and he did not disappoint one bit. A look Beyond the Box Score touched on the Astros vs. Yankees, including a long discussion on bullpens, Blue Jays vs. Red Sox, Mets vs. Braves, and Rays vs. A’s. Adam talked about the challenges of betting on baseball and also gave another detailed exit velocity update.

He talked about some teams in line for regression coming out of the month of May and then addressed line moves from the last few days. That Down the Lines segment also included the pick for Thursday night with a first five based on a lot of strong angles.

This weekend promises to have some great baseball action, as Adam touched on Indians vs. Twins, Red Sox vs. Astros, and Nationals vs. Braves with a variety of tips, nuggets, and information so that you can be the most informed bettor possible.

You can email Adam to get added to the contact list for show notes, and you can also send your questions for the Monday Mailbag at that time. Also hit him up on Twitter, @SkatingTripods. Tune in again this Monday for another edition of The Bettor’s Box.

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