The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast April 15, 2019

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Last Updated: 2019-04-15

It’s Monday and you know what that means. A new edition of The Bettor’s Box has been posted for your listening pleasure. Host Adam Burke answered listener questions, went Beyond the Box Score and Down the Lines, and previewed the week ahead on the top MLB betting podcast in the business.

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Lots of listener questions opened up today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box as host Adam Burke talked about how to evaluate signs of regression, live betting and middling, trends vs. random occurrences, and a whole lot more.

A look Beyond the Box Score took us to Indians vs. Royals, White Sox vs. Yankees, and Astros vs. Mariners. Adam also talked about some early bullpen numbers and which bullpens are in line for some positive and negative regression. He also introduced SIERA as a good barometer for rating bullpens.

The Down the Lines segment recapped line moves that we’ve seen dating back to Friday and highlighted a big mover today. With no pick for tonight’s ugly card, Adam focused on some upcoming games this week with some likely look-ahead picks for Red Sox vs. Yankees, A’s vs. Astros, Rockies vs. Padres, Cardinals vs. Brewers, and Pirates vs. Tigers.

Join us on Thursday for another edition of The Bettor’s Box.

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