Texas Longhorns @ Oklahoma Sooners Keys to the Game

The Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners are going to meet up in one of the best NCAA football betting affairs of the weekend. Here at Bang the Book, we have the keys to the game so you can make your college football picks on the game!

Key #1: The Longhorns Must Remember That They are Still in the National Championship Picture: Last week was last week. The loss to the UCLA Bruins was one that was catastrophic and pushed the Longhorns well back in the Top 25. However, a win over a Top 10 opponent would push them right back into the thick of things, and if history has taught us nothing else, losing early in the year, even to bad teams, is a lot better than losing to the best of teams late on. There is plenty of time to recover. Texas can’t let the Bruins beat it twice. Once in the actual defeat, and once as a hangover to the previous week. Every bad play, every bad penalty, every bad everything just has to be thrown out the window. The season starts anew on Saturday, and if nothing else, the Big XII title could be up in the air on Saturday. BCS Championship or not, this one still means the world and that cannot be forgotten.

Key #2: Garrett Gilbert Has to Play Better Ball: Last year when the world was introduced to QB Garrett Gilbert, we saw him throw four picks against one of the scariest defenses in the history of college football. That was acceptable then, as he was a true freshman playing in his first real game on the biggest stage of his life. However, at this point, through four games in his first year knowing that he is the man that this program revolves around, Gilbert should be putting up better numbers. A TD/INT ratio of 4/4 just isn’t going to cut it, and a man of his stature should have more than 885 passing yards in four games against opponents that are probably only considered average as a whole. The defensive challenge is about to get ferociously difficult on Saturday, and Gilbert needs to step up to the table and change his ways, or Texas doesn’t stand a chance.

Key #3: Oklahoma Has to Pray That It Is Playing Up to the Level of Its Competition: The one time that the Sooners were challenged this year in terms of a top team, they crushed the Florida State Seminoles 47-17. Aside from that though, the Utah State Aggies, Air Force Falcons, and Cincinnati Bearcats have appeared on the schedule, and all three really pushed OU to the brink. It really seems as though this is a case where a team plays up to the level of its foe. If that’s the case, the Sooners are only going to be in good shape if they believe that the Longhorns are as good as a Top 10 team, not the team barely ranked in the Top 20 that they are. However, if you’re Oklahoma, and you can’t get yourself up for Texas, you have some real issues. The Sooners are the better team in this game, and they have to play like it for once instead of playing down to the level of their competitors.

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