Terrelle Pryor Leaving Ohio State Buckeyes


The tumultuous offseason for the Ohio State Buckeyes just got a heck of a lot more tumultuous. On Tuesday, Terrelle Pryor announced that he was leaving Ohio State and likely turning pro in some form.

Pryor was one of the hottest recruited players in the country just three seasons ago, making national headlines over the course of several weeks around National Signing Day. He was recruited by some of the best and brightest in the nation and was seen as a near certain Heisman Trophy hopeful in his collegiate career. Pryor spurned a chance to become the prototypical mobile quarterback in the system of Head Coach Rich Rodriguez with the Michigan Wolverines and left a chance to join the “Fun and Gun” offense run by Head Coach Chip Kelly with last year’s national runners up, the Oregon Ducks.

History really would have changed quite a bit had Pryor chosen another place to bring his trade instead of to Columbus. Rich Rod could already have a Rose Bowl under his belt at Michigan, and he might still have a job. Kelly might have already had a chance at national glory. We may have never heard of Jeremiah Masoli and all of his troubles in Autzen either.

As it is though, the chapter on Pryor is now closed in Columbus, as he is likely headed to the supplemental draft for the NFL this coming year.

Pryor was one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the Buckeyes. He had 6,177 passing yards and 2,164 more on the ground. He was 31-4 as a starter at Ohio State, though he never did bring the team the glory of winning the National Championship. More importantly, Pryor helped Ohio State to a perfect record against Michigan.

Of course, that was a part of the problem for Pryor. He sold the gold pants that he won for winning the annual rivalry game, which was part of the scandal that earned Ohio State a ton of suspensions, potential sanctions, and eventually, the forced resignation of Head Coach Jim Tressel, which happened eight days ago. In and amongst these issues are involving cars, tattoos, and other paraphernalia.

Now, the rest of the Buckeyes are in a ton of trouble. Pryor and several of his teammates were already suspended for the first five games of the season, but now, without any real options at backup quarterback and no real recruits of note coming in this year, Ohio State knows that it has some big time shoes to fill. This could be an incredibly long season for Buckeyes fans.

As far as Pryor, there are a few options. He is considering becoming a personal quarterback trainer for youngsters if he doesn’t get selected in the supplemental draft. Traditionally, players who get picked in the supplemental draft end up finding it difficult just making teams. Pryor is going to have a bigger strike against him this year, because we aren’t sure whether there is going to even be a supplemental draft, and if there is, how close it will be held to the actual NFL season.

Another option for Pryor is to go on to the Canadian Football League. However, there is yet another problem here as well. The CFL season starts in just eight days, and all of the teams already have their starting quarterbacks and their backups in place. The CFL also has a totally different type of skill set required, unlike the traditional outdoor game.

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