Super Bowl LIII Novelty & Entertainment Prop Betting Picks


Halftime. The coin toss. The National Anthem. Commercials. Perhaps the best part of the Super Bowl for degenerate gamblers is the ability to bet on just about everything. That includes a lot of novelty and entertainment selections. Some people spend a lot of time on these things with lower limits partially because of ego and partially because it’s still money that goes into the bankroll.

We’ve looked at all sorts of things for the Super Bowl and have them all conveniently linked on this event landing page. I’ve written game props, team and player props for the Patriots, and team and player props for the Rams. Now, I’ll tackle the “Other” section of your sportsbook by breaking down the novelty and entertainment props with some of my favorite picks and plays.

Per usual, I’ll shop around for the best prices at a variety of sportsbooks to get the best betting odds. These are fun bets. They should be treated as such from a unit standpoint. Don’t go off the rails with these. There are a lot of game, team, and player props where we have a much better idea and can make more educated guesses.

Without further ado, let’s have some fun…after I throw cold water on your fun first.

Coin Toss – Please don’t bet this. This is literally a 50/50 proposition and you’re paying juice on it. Some sportsbooks are nice enough to offer -101 to entice your action. Others are dealing -105 and some are even higher. Remember that your break-even rate at -105 is 51.22 percent and you’re willing to take that on a literal 50/50 proposition.

National Anthem – The line for the National Anthem is somewhere around 1 minute and 50 seconds. The only YouTube clip of Gladys Knight singing the Star-Spangled Banner came in well under that.

I was all set to look at the under. After all, Ms. Knight is 74 years old, so it’s fair to wonder how much she has left in her lungs to draw out the long words of the anthem, including free and brave, which is when the sweat really happens.

Then I saw this interview clip with Ms. Knight. In this clip, Knight, a Georgia native, says “I hope that this anthem will touch people in a different way. We’ve been singing it forever, but this time, I hope they feel it so deeply that it will take them to a higher place.”

That sounds like a drawn-out anthem, potentially with some background music or something that pulls the heartstrings. If anybody has seen a prop about whether or not a player will be shown crying during the National Anthem, I would most definitely bet the Yes on that. Knight’s music has meant so much to the African American community and the mothers and grandmothers of some of these players that they’re likely to get emotional. If nothing else, the woman can sing and there’s something about a legend of music belting out the Star-Spangled Banner.

I won’t be betting the over/under this year for the first time in a long time. There isn’t enough to scout and there aren’t any strong angles, like Pink getting sick last year. I’d lean to the over, given the backlash and the criticism that Knight has faced. She’s likely to blow this thing out of the park, despite her advanced age and the previous clip we have from 28 years ago.

Nine of the last 12 renditions have gone under, but this is one of the lower totals that we have seen.

Mention Belichick/McVay Age Gap (-190, BetOnline) – Now for some props I do like. Media members love to grab narratives and hold onto them for dear life. The age gap between Bill Belichick and Sean McVay has to be mentioned. It’s a big story. It’s not really a master vs. apprentice type of thing, as McVay never coached under Belichick, but McVay’s popularity in the coaching carousel is a sign of the times. That’s something that will be mentioned. This is -245 at 5Dimes, for what it’s worth.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? Doritos (-140) vs. Pringles (+110) (Bookmaker) – Per this article from US Weekly, the Pringles commercial is set to air in the second quarter. It’s hard to see Doritos, who rolled out the red carpet for Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys, waiting that long.

It’s also fair to assume that PepsiCo, who also owns Frito-Lay, would be looking to get both ads out as quickly as possible just in case interest wanes during the game or whatever else. Pringles, owned by Kellogg’s, was a Super Bowl newcomer last year and had a commercial that went viral. They’ll likely be content with waiting, whereas Pepsi probably pushed a premier spot.

Tiger Woods Mentioned During Live Broadcast (+300, BetOnline) – The Masters are on CBS again this April. Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship last year at East Lake to finish out the PGA Tour season to cap off what was an impressive comeback for one of the game’s greats.

Tony Romo is actually a scratch golfer, so he’s likely to add a little bit of commentary to the Masters promo. Back in 2012, Romo and Woods played together in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, so there’s a little bit of history with him. When Romo played the American Century Championship back in July, he played with a putter that used to be in Tiger’s bag.

Between Nantz’s flare for the dramatic and Romo and Tiger having something of a friendship, +300 seems like a decent price to grab on this. Unfortunately, the tournament clip of Romo using Woods’s putter was on Golf Channel, which is owned by NBC, otherwise I’d be even more confident in this.

Have fun with the novelty and entertainment props and enjoy the big game!

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