Super Bowl 52 Props — Pats-Eagles: How Close Will It Be?

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Last Updated: 2018-01-30

There have been a lot of blowouts over the years in the “Big Game.” But there have been a lot of thrills too. Which way will Super Bowl 52 go? You will have to make up your mind before 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, when the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles is played at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. If you are a VietBet customer, you can choose form among hundreds and hundreds of props, AND get reduced juice on this game before it kicks off. Oh, let’s not forget that Live Betting Ultra provides for real-time wagering after the game begins.

The Patriots are the favorites in the game, although it has been bet down because of considerable action for the Eagles. As of Tuesday morning, the Pats were four-point favorites with a total of 48.5 points.

And of course, you can bet on what the margin of victory is going to be, for either team.

The first thing you may want to look at when analyzing this prop is the Patriots’ Super Bowl history in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era. And if you haven’t looked closely at it, you may be surprised.

You will hear the word “dynasty” tossed around about a million times this week, but the Pats have not necessarily steamrolled ANYBODY on the highest-profile stage. Belichick and Brady have been to seven Super Bowls together, and in not one of those games have the Pats won by more than four points in regulation. They have three-point victories over the St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles, and that four-point win over the Seattle Seahawks. They also beat the Atlanta Falcons last year by six points, but of course, that game was tied in regulation time. The losses came by three and four points to the Giants.

So if you are asking whether this game can be a close one, even if New England wins, the answer is YES.

This is where we stand right now as far as “Margin of Victory” is concerned, according to the Super Bowl props that are being posted at VietBet. Take note that these numbers are all part of separate props at the sportsbook; they are two-way props, which means that you can place a wager that the specific scenario DOESN’T happen.

Margin of Victory

Patriots by 1-3 points (+554)
Patriots by 4-6 points (+891)
Patriots by 7-9 points (+678)
Patriots by 10-12 points (+933)
Patriots by 13-15 points (+984)
Patriots by 16-18 points (+1234)
Patriots by 19-21 points (+1525)

Eagles by 1-4 points (+542)
Eagles by 5-8 points (+790)
Eagles by 9-12 points (+1490)
Eagles by 13-16 points (+1922)
Eagles by 17-20 points (+2925)
Eagles by 21-24 points (+4450)
Eagles by 25-28 points (+6900)

In the seven Super Bowls of “B & B,” the Patriots have a total margin of +12 points, and in the five wins, and average winning margin of just 3.7 per game (that’s 19 points total). In these previous seven SB appearances, they have come off regular seasons where they have averaged 28.3 points a game, but the actual points they scored was an average of 24.6 ppg. Perhaps that makes sense, because the level of competition in a Super Bowl is ideally much higher than it is normally.

But it is kind of ironic that in the two seasons where they have scored the highest number of points per game (36.8 and 32.1), they tallied just 17 points in each of the two defeats to the Giants.

If you’re talking about a “Brady vs. Nick Foles” duel, well, VietBet patrons know who has the edge there, although it deserves mention that quarterbacks with less than Foles in the way of credentials have won Super Bowl games. And Foles was a show-stopping 49-of-63 for 598 yards and three touchdowns in the two playoff games. Not bad.

Could one of the factors be that the Eagles have not allowed a point in the final two minutes of a game all season long? Sure it could. Anything that prevents points on the part of the opposition brings us closer to calling this a close one.

Of the 51 Super Bowls, 24 of them have been decided by fourteen points or more, while only 16 of them have been decided by six points or less. However, of the last sixteen SB”s played (i.e., those since, and inclusive of, the first Brady-Belichick triumph), five of them were decided by three or less and five more by 4-6 points.

We think the Pats can do what it takes to win, although we are not sure they can do what it takes to cover. But we could certainly imagine the Patriots by 1-3 and Patriots by 4-6, or even both, as the price would bring a decent return.

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