Super Bowl 52: Props To Look at in a Eagles Win

Last Updated: 2018-01-29

The Super Bowl is the best time of the year for betting on football. This is because the Super Bowl is more than a game it is a spectacle. It is even more exciting this year because it features the underdog Philadelphia Eagles against Tom Brady and the favorites in the New England Patriots. While the sharp football handicappers and bettors that wager on football all season are ready for the big game, the new players are not. The Super Bowl is such a big event that it brings out new bettors to the game that just like to bet a few bucks for fun. For those new bettors, especially those that like to bet on props, there are serval mistakes that should be avoided.

One of the biggest mistakes that football handicappers mistake during the Super Bowl is that they have a tendency to load one side of the action. The Super Bowl is unique because they have more than just a few betting options. Not only can a football handicapper bet on the side and the total but they have hundreds of prop bets to choose from. This can cause an inexperienced football better to overload one side of the football betting market, which in turn will leave them very vulnerable for a big hit to the wallet.

For example if they like a certain team to win the game they are more likely to bet on props and other betting options to support that decision and that in turn will leave the handicapper susceptible to a very big losing day.

For example if the NFL bettor believes that the New England Patriots will win and cover the spread they will have no problem betting on that in the Super Bowl. But where they go from there could cause some trouble. Since it is the Super Bowl and there are still more betting options to choose from, that same bettor could move to the props and bet on every positive trend that favors the Patriots. That means they bet on Tom Brady to win the MVP, have a ton of touchdowns and completions and maybe even more. Although they could sweep the board, it is highly unlikely. The job of the sportsbooks is to make sure that they do not have a lot of liability. So they protect for occasions just like the one that was mentioned above. However, if you choose wisely you can make a ton of money betting on the Super Bowl by loading up on props or hedging plays along the way.

If you want to bet smart on the Super Bowl, you want to make sure that you are protected. Here is a way to bet on the Super Bowl and hedge your bets with prop betting.

If you think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl here is a prop bet that you may want to consider.

Brandon Cooks over 4.5 (+120)

If the Patriots are losing for most of the game or even some of the game they are going to have to throw a lot and they are going to have to throw deep. That makes this prop quite attractive as well as these other props.

Chris Hogan pass receptions (-120)

This is a great hedge if you bet on the Eagles because even if they lose this prop could cash in.

On the other hand if you think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl you may want to consider these prop bets.

Eagles uses coach’s challenge first (-120)

If the Eagles are losing and they are desperate they will pull out all of the stops which of course will include using their challenges. This may seem like a reach, so here are a few other props that might be worth betting as a hedge if you think the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl.

L.Blount longest rush over 9½ yards (-110)

If the Eagles are up they are going to run the ball a lot and if Blount runs the rock he will want to give his best effort against his former team. You may stop sulking if you lost your Patriots bet but Blount tears up the field for a ten yard gain late in the game.

Nick Foles wins Super Bowl MVP

If you have the Patriots to win the game and they end up losing, then betting on Foles to win the MVP might make you feel better. Instead of turning off the TV when the other team celebrates you can get a nice consolation prize by collecting a small profit if Foles wins the Most Valuable Player award.

The Super Bowl is unique because it gives you so many different betting options. If you play the betting options right and avoid the most common mistakes you can make a nice profit on Super Bowl Sunday.

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