Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets: Tom Brady vs Nick Foles

Last Updated: 2018-01-28

The Super Bowl is still days away, but the props on the big game keep growing and growing. This is the week that online sportsbooks and the biggest books in Las Vegas are releasing their full catalog of Super Bowl props for betting. The novice and the experienced betting fan will be looking over the card for the best options to make a few bucks on the Super Bowl. While there are literally hundreds to choose from, some of the props that will get the most attention will be the ones that feature the quarterbacks. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is considered a Hall of Fame quarterback, while the Philadelphia Eagles signal caller Nick Foles is still being called a backup, but that doesn’t mean that Brady is always the sure bet when it comes to props.

We all know about Tom Brady. He has won multiple Super Bowls and MVP’s and is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Many consider him to be the best quarterback that has ever played the game and he looks just as good at 40 years old than he has at any time in this career. He led the NFL in passing yards and attempts and most likely will be the NFL’s regular season MVP.

On the other side is Nick Foles. He is a player that has been on several teams and cast away by many of them. Although he has led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, he is not the future of this team and is still regarded as a mediocre player despite his several solid performances. This first prop reveals just how much that the betting public and sportsbooks disrespect him.

Nick Foles throws an interception -150

Nick Foles no interception thrown +130

This is interesting because Foles only has two interceptions on the year and he has over 101 attempts during the regular season. That is a pretty good ratio for any quarterback. In the playoffs he got even better as he notched 63 attempts and had three touchdowns and no interceptions. In the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings, one of the best defenses in the league, he had a QB rating of 152.1 when he was pressured. The coaching staff will start off Foles with short passes and rely on the run and the end result will be no interceptions for Foles.

Brady however may not be so lucky, although he rarely makes mistakes. The Eagles are fifth in the league in takeaways and can put pressure on Brady. This will force Brady into forcing passes. The Eagles can get pressure without adding players with a blitz which will allow them to drop more players in coverage to get that interception.  Brady’s interception total this season was his highest since 2014. The prop bet for this at online sportsbook 5 Dimes  shows that you can say “Yes” Brady will throw an interception for a +115 return.

Another QB prop that stands out focuses on Foles ability to get the deep ball.

Nick Foles a 37+ yard pass completion                  -115                             

Nick Foles no 37+ yard pass completion               -105

During the regular season Foles struggled with the deep ball as he posted an ugly 0.7 QBR on passes that were more than 20 yards down field. That has changed since the Eagles installed more RPO (run , pass, option) plays for Foles to execute. In the NFC Championship game Foles had two touchdowns of more than 40 yards. Making this prop more appealing is that the Patriots gave up the second most yards per play and the fourth most per game. The odds are decent and with Alshon Jeffry playing his best football and providing a mismatch for the Patriots defense, Foles should be able to get a pass down field for more than 37 yards.

If you really believe that the Eagles will win this Super Bowl than there is another prop bet that should get some attention.

Nick Foles wins Super Bowl MVP     +380

If the Eagles win, they will need to have a good game by Foles and that makes him just as likely as any player on the team to win this award and these odds are quite attractive. This may seem like a reach for some football bettors, but that is only because Foles is not getting any respect. In fact they even have a prop bet posted at online sportsbooks that feature the Eagles injured quarterback, Carson Wentz, who will not even play in this game.

How many times will Carson Wentz be mentioned during the telecast which includes: “Wentz”. This is during the NBC broadcast from kickoff until final whistle and halftime does not apply. Here are the odds.

Carson Wentz mentioned over 3½ times              -195

Carson Wentz mentioned under 3½ times          +155

As the odds suggest, this is a prop bet that should be bet “Yes”. Although it does not have as much value as some of the other prop bets, Wentz will be brought up on several occasions due to his injury and due to the fact that Foles is trying to fill his shoes.

When it comes to Brady vs Foles, Brady is obviously the better quarterback. However the best quarterback in the Super Bowl is the one that pays out on the prop bets.

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  1. The Carson Wentz mentioned over/under 3.5 times is interesting because this is a prop that can be influenced by the commentators themselves. Obviously we’re talking low limits for these bets, but sports betting is a touchy subject for some businesses and NBC may prefer that their commentators avoided any controversy and made them aware of these types of props if they weren’t already. For that reason I’d be steering clear.

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