Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets: Picking the Popular Prop OT & Safety

Last Updated: 2018-01-26

The upcoming Super Bowl features two very popular NFL teams. The New England Patriots are the type of team that you either love or you hate. Many fans love them because they have built a dynasty with arguably the best quarterback and the best football head coach to ever play the game. At times they have seemed unstoppable no matter what obstacle or controversy that they seem to face. For these reasons they have gathered a following of fans that love and hate this team.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a team that is known for their rowdy fans that live and die with their football team. Best known for booing Santa Claus, these fans are not afraid to tell it like it is and they will support their team until the end. This obviously will be the case for the Super Bowl when the Eagles meet up against the Patriots in the title game.

For the Super Bowl bettor that likes to bet on prop wagers, this is a dream come true. Pages and pages of football betting props are being unveiled every day, giving the active wagering fan plenty to consider. Out of all of those props there are some that get more attention than others. Las Vegas reported over $150,000 dollars of betting action on props in the first 30 minutes that they were released. The closer that the betting public gets to the Super Bowl, the more bets will be coming in on the countless number of prop bets that are offered in Las Vegas and at the multitude of online sports betting outlets. The more popular props that are placed on an annual basis are usually the ones that have the best return at the payout window. The theory is that the public will see a longshot and lay a few bucks on the prop hoping for a big payday. That is exactly why two of the most popular bets this year are longshots.

The first one has to do with overtime and the second with a safety. All odds shown below are taken from 5 Dimes.

Game Goes to Overtime +1000

No Overtime -1540

This prop bet is very simple. If you think this game will go to overtime and you bet $10 on this prop bet and they go to extra time you will win $100. That will be a nice return and NFL bettors are getting on board. The Patriots have played some very close Super Bowls and they went to overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history last year against the Atlanta Falcons. So with that in mind, the public is going all out on this prop, but keep in mind that this has happened just once in 51 games. This is a prop to pass on and not to play on, unless you only plan on playing a small amount for fun. The odds suggest that this game will not come close to going to overtime.

The next popular bet has to do with a safety occurring in the Super Bowl.

Safety scored in a game +775

No safety scored in a game -1200

This is an incredibly popular bet and many people that bet on props had placed a bet on “Yes there will be a safety” in the Super Bowl before the NFC Championship game even went final. Although a safety in the NFL seems hard to come by, that has not always been the case. There was a safety in the Super bowl for three consecutive seasons as it hit from 2010-2012. This was not the last time that it would pay out. This prop grabbed plenty of attention in 2014 when New York native Jona Rechnitz won $25,000 on a $500 bet that a safety would be the first score of Super Bowl XLVIII. This was the second time that he hit on a safety prop as he also cashed in during the 2012 Super Bowl. This news made this bet very popular and considering that it has hit more than once during the Super Bowl is pretty impressive. But consider this, over the years the sportsbooks have made enough money on this prop where they still stand in the positive on this prop bet alone.

Although the overtime and the safety prop bets are very popular, you are best to find a different bet if you want to make money during Super Bowl LII.

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