Super Bowl 52: National Anthem & Pink Hat Prop Bet

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Last Updated: 2018-01-29

When the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles kick off Super Bowl 52, millions of people will be watching their prop bets to see if they are going to cash in. In fact depending on what type of prop they are betting on, they may even be watching before the game starts. This is because many football fans and prop betting folks like to put a few bucks on the National Anthem. For as many prop bets as sportsbooks are offering, there are hundreds to choose from and this includes the wild and wacky prop bets that you may not see at many sportsbooks. While most have the National Anthem prop bet, some online sportsbooks have more variations and ways to bet it.

Las Vegas does not always offer entertainment props or wild and wacky prop bets so if this is something that you like to bet on you may want to make sure that you have a safe online sportsbook that offers up a huge menu of betting props. While it would be reckless to assume that anyone should bet on the National Anthem. You should at least do your research if you are going to put money on it. Spreading a few dollars on the opening song could give you a few extra dollars to bet on the big game right before kickoff.

This year the national anthem will be performed by Pink. For those of you who are not familiar with her, here is some quick information. Her real name is Alecia Beth Moore and she is an American singer and songwriter. She has a flair for the dramatic and is very stylish. That is all you really need to know if you plan on betting on the national anthem, in fact that may be too much.

When it comes to the National Anthem the ways you can bet on this prop are endless. For example at 5 Dimes one of the more prominent sports betting sites for the Super Bowl, they have a huge list of National Anthem props. For example you can bet on how long Pink’s rendition of the song will be, if she will show cleavage, what color her hair will be and what she will be wearing. The problem with betting on the National Anthem is that there are some vague props where the sportsbooks may have to make the call and that could make things dicey. Many sportsbooks have limits on the props and this obviously includes the National Anthem. In this case that is a good thing because it is never smart to put a lot of money on this kind of prop betting for the Super Bowl.

There are a few props that have caught our attention as the big game gets closer.

Pink wears Eagles shirt or hat                       +300                                      

Pink does not wear Eagles shirt or hat      -420

For those that don’t know, Pink is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania which is close to Philadelphia. The above prop was posted thinking that she may want to show her support for the home team. However any pop star knows that they do not want to alienate a fan base, especially one that is as big as the Patriots fan base. With that in mind, we can assume that she will not be wearing any Eagles gear while she sings.

At every sportsbook you can bet on how long the song will be but at 5 Dimes they give you different ranges of times to choose from. This will give the prop bettor a better way to make money on this prop by narrowing down the time frame that they want.

National Anthem over 122.00 seconds                  -120

National Anthem under 122.00 seconds               -120

This time frame seemed to be the best to handicap since the last four out of five singers to perform the National Anthem went at least 2:04. Pink is not a huge diva, but a diva nonetheless and she wants to enjoy her time in the spotlight, which makes the over a solid bet on this Super Bowl prop.

Super Bowl prop betting is fun and by betting on the National Anthem, it can get the winning started early!


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