When looking over the busy landscape of sportsbooks it is imperative for the sports bettor, especially if they are new, to review a sportsbook from top to bottom. Regardless of how good or bad a sportsbook is there is always something that can be found when a sports bettor investigates what they have to offer.

So what will you find when you look at You Wager? You will find an online sportsbook that offers up plenty of reasons to consider them as a sports betting option.

If you like bonuses and free money well then you have come to the right place. You Wager has signup bonuses and they have bonuses on every single deposit that you will make. They also have free cash monthly that they offer to their players and they boast about giving away free money all the time. They even still send out scratch tickets in the mail to their players that always reveal a free play that can be put into your account. Free plays and cash is great, but you still have to figure out if this is a sports betting site that is worth your business.

They have a highly touted poker room that you can play in your browser or on a downloadable client. They claim to have fast action and loose tables that pay out on a regular basis, but all of the poker rooms like to think that they have the best. There may be other poker rooms that are better, but they are not short on confidence.

They also have a powerful casino. They offer up Las Vegas like action on your desktop or mobile device so you can play wherever you would like. All your favorite games are offered in one place and they have all of the most popular games to include Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, and more. If you prefer a live dealer they also offer up plenty of games with live dealers to include Blackjack, Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold em with attractive and welcoming dealers via a Live Video stream that are always entertaining.

However many online sportsbooks offer this, so why would betting at You Wager be any different? They also offer up an exclusive to You Wager with Gambler’s Insurance. This is their way of giving back to their players that spend a lot of time and money at their sportsbook. They advertise that you will never have to worry about a losing season again. They offer an insurance that will pay back 25% of the losses directly to the players and they also mention that there are no strings attached. If you do happen to sign up at You Wager, this is one of the things that you have to investigate and check out as it is unique as most sports betting sites only offer up rebates in the 8-10 percent range.

If it is time to pick another sportsbook then it is time to investigate all of the sportsbooks out there and you can start with You Wager.