World Wide Wagering – Wager.DM

Sometimes when you sign up with an online sportsbook, it’s all in the name. It’s the name that catches your eye or it’s the name that piques your interest, but that could lead to a big mistake if you don’t do your research before signing up and sending your hard earned money offshore to a new account.

Sportsbooks all have different names, but many will try and have a catchy name that is as close to sports betting as possible. They may use a slang term that is popular with sports betting enthusiasts or they may just stick with a basic term like the word wager. The word wager seems like one of the most popular terms that are associated with sports betting sites and there is another site called that is at it again. Just because it has a basic name, it does not automatically mean that it is a basic sport betting site. The name of the actual betting site is World Wide Wagering and the URL is

The good news is that this site has been online since 2001 and any site that can stay online for over 14 years is worth taking a look at on some level or another. They are also located in Costa Rica which has become a safe haven for online sportsbooks who are trying to make their mark in the industry. The current ratings at many sportsbook review sites often have World Wide Wagering in the middle of the pack and one look at their website could reveal why.

The website is very plain and once you start reading what they have to say about their site it will make you wonder. They brag about being the Number two sportsbook which would normally be pretty impressive, but what exactly are they No. 2 at? They are No. 2 among online sportsbooks in the world based on direct hit activity. Huh? They are basically saying they get some serious traffic, so therefore they are good.

Some of the other perks include easy and reliable payments and small limits with a $5 minimum for newer players. That is not bad but then you look at their hours and it can be a bit concerning. They talk about being open early and closed late, but no sports bettor wants to sign up with a place that will close. Almost all of the sportsbooks that have a solid rating are open around the clock, every day of the year so the sports bettor can bet when they want on what they want.

Finally they talk about being a hi-tech sports betting site but they use a java based system which is actually a bit outdated as many sites have a more updated way to access your sportsbook interface or play cards in the casino.

A sportsbook should be more than a name and although they have a popular name it does not mean that they will automatically be a good place to sign up and bet.