Westgate Las Vegas Superbook

The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook and Casino is one of the most well respected and oldest properties in all of Las Vegas. Formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino also known as LVH still sets the standards for others to follow especially when it comes to the gigantic sportsbook deservedly called the Superbook!

In fact, the first thing that will stand out to you when you enter the Superbook is just how big it is.

The Las Vegas Race and Sports Superbook is contained within the largest square footage of any book in Vegas. The book covers 30,000 square feet with 350 seats, and 60 viewing monitors so at any time in the sportsbook the fan can catch a glimpse of the latest sporting event.

There is no reason to stay glued to your phone for score updates or the latest news as the Super book keeps gamblers informed with the latest scores and sports news with a 75-foot sports ticker running across the room day and night.

With the exception of right before kickoff on a busy NFL Sunday, there is never a long line at the betting windows. They have a tremendously knowledgeable and courteous staff that is ready to help and take all of your action before the game is removed from the board. Many of the local sharps use the LVH Super book to place their wagers, because they have a reputation that is second-to-none in Sin City.

When it comes to football betting, the LVH Superbook sets the standards and is the first book to post lines for the following week. They will have NFL lines up for the following week as early as Sunday the week prior. The early line release on the biggest games in football is just one of the reasons that the sharps make the LVH Superbook their home for betting on football.

While other casinos in Vegas have sportsbooks, LVH has unique features that other sportsbooks do not have. The most prominent feature that the LVH Superbook has that no other sportsbook has, is the LVH SuperContest.

The Supercontest is the premiere football handicapping contest in the world. Professional and recreational football “pickers” from all over the globe pan out an entry fee of $1500.00 to take a shot at competing with the best handicappers in the world for the title of champion. This handicapping contest is the one that the professionals seek out to join as opposed to any other contest out there. This offers brand name recognition and celebrity to the Superbook and sets it apart from all others.

Not to be outdone by other books, the Superbook has the largest wagering menu in the state of Nevada offering betting options on every sporting and horse racing event under the sun. If there is a special event that is offered for wagering Superbook has it.

The Superbook leads the way in nearly every facet of gaming. Any stay in Vegas is incomplete without a stop at the Las Vegas Hilton Superbook!