Wager Win Sportsbook


Sportsbooks are opening up all the time. Being a new sportsbook is a tough challenge in the sports betting world because they have to build their reputation one player at a time. If they are able to do this they could only hope to gain a good following and become one of the most reputable sports betting sites online today.

Wager Win is one of those sports betting sites. They are brand new, at least relatively when it comes to the sports betting world. They opened the web site and sport betting portal up in 2014 and they offered an incredible 100 percent bonus, which is on the high side. Although customers and new players would love a 100 percent bonus, it could be a sign to avoid a sports betting site because they could get in trouble while trying to cover their bonuses.

Wager Win has many more bonuses than the 100 percent initial offering and they are all attractive. They have an up to 100% Cash Bonus which will allow you to double the cash in your account. Get up to a 100% Cash Bonus directly in your account when you sign up. You can get this bonus in all your deposits anytime and it all comes with a 10 times rollover. If you play in the “Game of the Day!” as according to Wager Win they will guarantee your bet. If you lose they will add the risked money back into the account with an extra 7 percent rollover. They also have a 20% Gamblers Insurance. If you stay active for 4 months, every 6 months you will receive 20% cash back of your net loses. Then they have a 8% Horses Rebate which includes every day the player will get an 8% back of your net losses on horses. Finally they have a 200% Cash Casino Bonus so you can get your account loaded in a hurry and with plenty of extra money to play with.

All of these bonuses sound great and Wager Win has a decent enough looking site but they do have some past problems that are a major concern. They have had problems paying players and they have even removed money from players account. The player in question originally had $3,000 removed from his account and had his account closed by Wager Win. He was placed on a payment plan to receive his balance, but has only received $2,000 and is still filing complaints. As of late 2015 he had yet to receive his entire balance and was hoping to get another payment soon.

If a sportsbook cannot cover $3000 you should not play there. This should be a small amount for any sports betting site that has a decent reputation. Payment plans on an amount as small as this should be avoided at all costs. Wager Win may be a relatively new sports betting site but they should be avoided because instead of setting a path to a great reputation they have quickly become a scam book that has problems paying out. If you want to win betting on sports you should wager somewhere else.