Top Ten Las Vegas Sportsbooks

There are some things in America that can only be found in Las Vegas. One of them is sportsbooks. Nevada is the only state that allows betting on all major sports. However, just like the entertainment joints in Las Vegas, not all sports books are the same. That is why we have come with this list of the top sports books in Las Vegas. Whether you are a pro sports analyst or just a bettor, you will no doubt find one on our list that is perfect for you.

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  • #1 Venetian Racebook & Sportsbook

    This sportsbook recently underwent some renovation. Today it features much better lighting and some awesome TV screens. The sportsbook is run by CG Technology and looks quite similar to other Sportsbooks that they run around Las Vegas. The TV screens are a nice touch, and they help to make for the lack of décor and atmosphere. At this place, desks have been fitted with outlets in case you require powering your phone. For the drinkers, you will find that there are some efficient and polite bartenders. The sportsbook is one of the most popular traditional sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Unless you are a high roller, you may find it to get a seat. Their seats are reserved for the best customers.


  • #2 Westgate Superbook

    Many consider Westgate Superbook a Mecca of sportsbooks. The sportsbook is located at the northern end of the strip. However, it is quite accessible via a monorail or a car service. At this place, you will find world’s largest 4K screen. They utilize the screens to the maximum to fit as many games as they can. In terms of line availability, few others can match up to Westgate. If you want to get a good seat, you need to arrive at this place at least four hours before kickoff. If you arrive two hours to kickoff, do not even bother searching for a seat. However, there is the option to spend $100 to get a VIP box. The major downside to this sportsbook is that the food options are quite limited. However, whatever is offered is at a good price.


  • #3 Wynn

    The Wynn is located on the north end of the strip. It offers quite a huge selection of wagering options. It features some comfortable seats, and the screens are quite huge. It has seats in the bar where you can rest too. However, most of them are reserved. The best part about this sportsbook is that the food options are quite awesome. During big events, the drink vouchers can cost quite a lot. However, if you want numerous wagering options and an intense experience, you cannot go wrong with the Wynn.


  • #4 Ceasars

    The book at Caesars was renovated a short while back. It is not very huge, but it does feature some great screens. Besides that, the bar was expanded during the renovation. All the seats at this sportsbook are reserved. They cost about $100 to get one. There are other packages included that include food. The best part about Caesars is that it has one of the finest food courts in Las Vegas. However, their lines are not as big as some of the other big books in Las Vegas.


  • #5 Mandalay Bay

    Mandalay Bay is quite hard to reach. It is located on southern tip of the strip. Thus, unless you take a car service or cab, you cannot get to it. Once you do get to it, the Mandalay Bay is quite massive. It has some great screens, and the lines are quite plenty. Besides that, seats are not a problem at this place. If you will be staying at Mandalay Bay, there is no need for you to look for another book. However, for those who are staying mid-strip, it is not popular since there are so many options on the way to it.


  • #6 MGM

    MGM is huge. You can walk around inside the place for hours. Surprisingly, it does not have the biggest sportsbooks in Las Vegas. It is located in a corridor near the front section just after the table games at the front edge. The sportsbook features many TVs and many solid lines. The sportsbook does have some seats although they are quite sparse for big game viewing.


  • #7 Red Rock

    The Red Rock Resort is one of the finest sportsbooks on the strip. The sportsbook recently added three enormous TV screens. Besides that, the screens are programmable to ensure that they meet the size requirements of the bettors and viewers. The layout has not been changed much. Two-thirds of the seating are desks that have individual TVs and banquet chairs. The remaining seats are lounge chairs. There are always some cocktail waitresses walking around so that drinks are delivered quickly. The energy at this sportsbook is always great. There is also a bar at the back, which offers extra chairs, great bartenders, and video poker.


  • #8 Lagasse's Stadium

    The sportsbook is located inside the Palazzo. It is also a restaurant, a lounge, and a casino. Extra coaches above and some cocktail tables surround the main seating area. There are plenty of waitresses, which means the delivery of drinks is quite fast. The book is quite popular with sports fans of major sporting events. You will need to pay a minimum for food and drinks per person to be allowed in the plush environment. On major events, it is recommended that you make a reservation. The only downside to this sportsbook is that the TVs are beginning to show their age. However, it is still one of the finest sportsbooks in Las Vegas.


  • #9 M Resort’s Race & Sports Book

    M Resort is the place where CG Technology set up its first sportsbook in Las Vegas. Although it is technically on the Strip, its unique location makes it an off-strip sportsbook. The sportsbook is designed to cater for high rollers. Although CG Technology has 6 other sportsbooks in Las Vegas, this is still their headquarters. If you want to improve your odds, sitting with some big bettors can help you. It allows you to view the kind of strategy they use and apply it to your game. Most of the screens that CG Technology uses are quite modern. The food options at this sportsbook are also quite awesome. There is a Vig Deli nearby, and it is a great place for quick serve dining.


  • #10 Cosmopolitan

    The book was recently moved from the second floor to the first floor. It is located right next to the strip. If you want a casual sportsbook experience, this is the place to be. It is quite open with some huge screens. There is a bar in the middle and seats on both sides. However, one of the most unique features about Cosmopolitan is the fee pool table and the shuffleboard tables on the edge. The free games are located just close to the entrance of the casino. If you are in search of casual, stress-free sports experience, this is your best bet.


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