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Quick Facts

Name: Superbook
Established: 1988
BTB Rating: B
Bonus: 0
Bonus Code: BTB
Live Betting: Yes
Poker: Yes

Last Updated: 2017-05-23


SuperBook – is part of the family of sites, where millions of adult Americans bet on sports, play poker and enjoy blackjack and other casino games online in a regulated and licensed jurisdiction.

Twice named the “Best US Sports Book” by the industry’s top magazine (2005, 2006), eGaming Review, and it’s associated sites have been leading the online gaming industry since 1996.

Dwarfing its nearest competitors in the US, the network has been the first to achieve every significant industry milestone, from record turnover to active users to number of bets–achieving a peak of fifteen bets per second. As the US online gaming leader, the firm and its products have been featured on CBS 60 Minutes, CNN, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, USA Today and in every major newspaper in the US.

Superbook Wagering Limits:

Wagering limits at Superbook.Com are $5.00 online with a maximum of $5500 per game on gameday, and on the phone the minimum is $25.00 and Max is still $5500. Any type of bettor will not have to worry when betting with as all betting types are accomadated.

Superbook Reputation:

Same parent company as, means the same stellar reputation for honesty, integrity, and lack of inclination to disappear with your dough. Check out their corporate website at to see how real deal this place really is. They’re big and they understand the bettors needs by their commitment to provide easy depositing with their high credit card acceptance rate in the biz..

Final Analysis:

SuperBook is the 1st sportsbook in the world to give away two free bets to every customer every month. Plus Bet your games early and SuperBook will automatically give you -105 juice on select football games every Friday. Also Bet on the wrong side and your team got shutout in the process? Don’t worry. During select weeks of the season, we’ll give you a refund on all money-line bets on NFL teams that have been “shutout”. With all these options Superbook is a great sportsbook and worth trying out above many others!


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