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  • NameBovada
  • WebsiteBovada.lv
  • Established2011
  • LocationAntigua
  • PokerYes
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BoDog.EU is now Bovada.LV for all US customers but the same great service your expect! Bovada.eu A website that came along out of nowhere in December 2011, Bovada Sportsbook became one of the premier sportsbooks for United States sports betting fans within days of its open. Bovada is owned by the fantastic Calvin Ayre, who has been in the sportsbook industry for decades in the US. He converted all of his American players at the more notable BoDog.com to Bovada, marking the second time that BoDog had changed its URL in the United States.

Bovada might be under a different name, but it is offering up all of the same great sports betting options that its brother, BoDog always did. If you are looking for prop bets, this is absolutely the sportsbook for you, as Bovada.lv is the king of all props. Seemingly every single majoring sporting event features at least a few props, and there are often propositions that are incredibly unique at this sportsbook as well.

Live betting became a staple of the BoDog brand, and now, Bovada is taking the exact same approach and making it even better. Though the software went through some kinks at the beginning, things are remarkable now, and you can do live betting on the mass majority of the nationally televised games across all sports, not just football like you can find at most other sportsbooks.

The downside to Bovada is that bonuses aren’t always the greatest. Rarely do you find 100% deposit bonuses or redeposit bonuses, but what you do find is a consistent bonus that is unmatched on the internet. Most 100% deposit bonuses are only good for $100 or $250 or so. Even the best only go up to $500 or even rarely $1,000. However, Bovada.lv is offering up to $1,600 worth of deposit bonuses on your initial deposit. That’s right. A whopping $1,600!

Mobile betting with Bovada works exactly the same as it did at BoDog. You just need a new app on your iPhone or SmartPhone to be able to play.

The poker software for Bovada took a little while to develop, but just as BoDog had a fantastic poker room, so too does its new American brother. You can get a 100% deposit bonus just for playing poker as well, and there are all sorts of tournaments that are always going on at Bovada in which you can win several thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, you’re not going to find a sportsbook on the internet quite like Bovada. This is a sportsbook that Americans can trust right off the bat, as Calvin Ayre is simply as good as it gets in the business.

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