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For a long time, Bookmaker Sportsbook has been known as the place “where the line originates”. Why wouldn’t you put your trust in a sports betting outlet like that? Over two decades of quality service in the industry speak for themselves, which is why Bookmaker.eu is so popular among seasoned veterans and uncertain newcomers. Your privacy and account information are of the utmost importance because the leadership at Bookmaker understands how critical it is to keep clients happy, safe, and comfortable.

Bookmaker may cater to a professional crowd, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about small stakes players. They simply have a dedication to privacy and confidentiality. Not all sportsbooks put that kind of emphasis on you or your money, which is one of the biggest reasons to consider opening an account with Bookmaker.

When you do go to open an account, you will find that Bookmaker makes it very easy to deposit. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, ecoAccount, Bank Draft, Person to Person Transactions, and Bank Wire. A 50 percent welcome bonus awaits for signing up through BangTheBook and other bonus options are available for reloading with additional bonuses for reloading on certain days.

Since Bookmaker.eu is the place “where the line originates”, they have lines on all of the major sports leagues and professional competitions. Whether you fancy betting MLB or NBA, NFL or NHL, or like to bet on college athletics, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, cricket, rugby, or politics, there’s no need to go anywhere else. You know that these lines are fair because they are coming from the source. Bookmaker has been so respected in the industry that other people copy from them. Cut out the middle man that shades lines to fit its needs by simply joining Bookmaker.

Bookmaker is hardly just a sportsbook. They have an outstanding Racebook with up-to-the-minute odds from the most famous tracks around. One of their most frequently used promotions is their daily eight percent rebate on horse wagers, win or lose. Dabbling on the ponies has a lot of value at Bookmaker.

Love the casino but don’t have one close by? Don’t want to deal with the cigarette smoke in your face or the overpriced drinks? Mix your favorite cocktail or crack open your favorite beer and enjoy the virtual casino at Bookmaker. It has all of your favorite games, with Craps, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Let It Ride, and slot machines. Bookmaker has an excellent Casino Welcome Bonus promotion with a 100 percent bonus up to $500 for slot machines and a 100 percent bonus on blackjack and video poker up to $250.

Another excellent feature of Bookmaker is their loyalty program called BetPoints. BetPoints accumulate every time you bet on sports or play in the casino or poker room. BetPoints can be used for frequent flyer miles, Bookmaker apparel, free payouts, handicapping services, tournament entries, and more. Think of it as a rewards system that actually rewards you for being a loyal customer.

You aren’t going to find a more reputable sportsbook that Bookmaker. They take care of their players, big and small, and put your feelings first. They want you to feel safe and secure on their site and they have gone to extreme lengths to guarantee your satisfaction in that regard. They get our seal of approval here at BangTheBook. Sign up now using the link above and receive an exclusive bonus!

Bookmaker Parlay Odds

Bookmaker is considered one of the top-rated sports books in online gaming today. They are known as the sports book “Where the line originates” and for that reason many sports bettors flock to place all of their wagers at Bookmaker. This includes sports betting fans that love the thrill of placing a parlay wager and cashing in big time.

A parlay is a combination of two or more teams or totals in one wager. For the parlay to be considered a winner all of the bets tied into the parlay must win by covering the point-spread that is associated with it. At most sports books to include Bookmaker, proposition bets and future bets cannot be placed in a parlay.

2 Teams2.645
3 Teams5.958
4 Teams12.283
5 Teams24.359
6 Teams47.413
7 Teams91.424
8 Teams175.446
9 Teams335.852
10 Teams642.082
11 Teams1226.701
12 Teams2342.793
13 Teams4473.514
14 Teams8541.254
15 Teams16306.940

Bookmaker helps the parlay bettor figure out the odds on a return for a parlay wager. This can be difficult as math is involved and so Bookmaker breaks it down with a brief tutorial on how to estimate parlay payoffs.

At Bookmaker a parlay of anywhere from two to 15 teams is allowed except on parlay cards where the amount is from three to ten teams. In case of tie or no action the parlay will revert to lower level payoff, except in a 2 team parlay where a tie reverts to a straight bet. The odds are usually uniform at many sports books in the online gaming industry.

The industry standard for a two-team parlay pays an average of 2.6:1 odds at most sportsbooks. But that is not the case at Bookmaker.

Bookmaker pays out 2.645 on a two-team parlay. This is above the standard and that is why Bookmaker is such an attractive destination for parlay bettors. With a maximum parlay payout of $150,000 there is big money to be won betting money at Bookmaker.

Bookmakers is the first to release the lines so it only makes sense that they are the first stop for betting on a parlay.

Note: Maximum parlay payout is $ 150,000 and Maximum parlay payout will be enforced when duplicating the same exact parlays.

Bookmaker Teaser Odds

Bookmaker sports book’s motto is “Old School Meets New School”. That motto is based on the fact that they have led the way with the latest sports book innovations and changes in technology while staying true to the gambling foundations and traditions. This includes sports betting options.

6 pts6½ pts7 pts
2 Team NFL *-120-130-140
2 Team NCAA100-110-120
3 Team+155+135+120
4 Team+250+225+195
5 Team+400+375+325
6 Team+550+500+475
7 Team+800+700+600
3 Team 10 Pts = -120
A tie plus a loss is a loss *
A tie plus a win is NO ACTION *
POINTS5 pts5½ pts6 pts
2 Team-110-120-130
3 Team+145+135+125
4 Team+300+250+200
5 Team+450+400+350
6 Team+600+550+500
7 Team+800+700+600

All Sportsbooks offer the simple betting options to include straight wagers, parlays and teasers, but one of the most popular by far is the teaser option. Many novice bettors will bet a teaser at a sportsbook without shopping or the best odds. Odds are the difference makers when it comes to betting teasers. Many sports books will offer more teams but the payout odds are the place to look when deciding where to bet on teasers.

Bookmaker has the edge in two facets of teaser wagering. They offer excellent odds on betting teasers and they are one of the first sports books in the industry to post lines on major sporting events. The phrase "Where the Line Originates" is all about Bookmaker and so any sharp or recreational player that wanted to bet teasers could get the earliest action at Bookmaker.

They offer several options when it comes to betting teasers. When a bettor places a teaser they add points to the side or total that they like. At Bookmaker they can choose from 6, 6.5 or 7 points that can be used complete a teaser. A teaser is a combination of teams with the point spread or total adjusted. Teasers can be anywhere from two teams all the way up to a seven team teaser.

A two team 6-point teaser has odds of (-110) and a seven team 6-point teaser has odds of (+800) covering the entire gambit of odds at Bookmaker. Whether placing a small teaser with minimal odds or a large teaser with a big payout, Bookmaker is the place to place a teaser bet.

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