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Some people go in search of a diamond in the rough when they are looking for a sportsbook. It is hardly ironic that Diamond Sportsbook International, better known as BetDSI, is exactly what sports bettors are looking for. The Costa Rica-based sportsbook, Racebook, casino, and poker room is an industry leader in all four forms of online gambling.

According to their website, DSI handles clients in over 140 countries and supports trading volume in excess of $100 million per month. Why would you want to bet anywhere else? Those are some incredible figures and DSI has a strong reputation in the business in terms of financial security, customer service, and number of wagering options.

They have long been a close partner and affiliate of ours here at BangTheBook because we want to direct you to the best. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we have reviews of dozens of other sportsbooks, but what sets DSI apart in our eyes are the same things that will set DSI apart for you. Their bonuses are among the best in the business. Their customer service personnel can be reached via phone, email, and live chat. They are fair gaming certified and do everything by the book.

Mobile betting is a cinch with DSI and all of your favorite leagues and sports are available online, by phone, and by mobile. Bet on football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, golf, soccer, boxing, UFC, college sports, racing, and whatever else your heart desires. DSI accepts Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, American Express, Neteller, eco, World Connect Express, BankDraft, Person to Person transactions, and Bank Wire. Depositors that meet certain conditions will also have their fees covered!

Withdrawals are quick and easy, which seems to be a theme with DSI. Their easy-to-use betting interface allows clients to get wagers locked in quickly to take advantage of the best available betting lines.

All of the usual betting options are available with straight wagers, parlays, if bets, and more. One nice feature about placing a bet at DSI is that the page to confirm your bets includes a drop-down menu with options of “Wager Amount”, “To Win Amount”, and “Risk Amount”, so you always know exactly what you are betting and exactly what you can win.

The sportsbook is our area of expertise, but there are a lot of awesome features and functions in the live casino. Some of the slot machines boast a 98 percent payback on mobile devices. The Virtual Casino is instant play and requires no downloads and includes six variations of blackjack, three roulette options, 13 slot machines, eight video poker games, craps, baccarat, Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Bingo, and Keno. The Mobile and Tablet casinos feature scaled-down versions of most of those games.

Because BetDSI is so progressive and innovative, they have added a new, exciting poker tournament format called Jackpot Poker. These three-person tournaments with $2, $10, and $40 buy-ins have a wide range of winner-take-all “jackpots” ranging from $4 all the way up to $100,000. Players start with a stack of 500 and play is fast and furious for big prizes and constant action.

Finally, BetDSI’s BetPoints loyalty program is easily the best in the industry. Frequent players can trade their points in for free payouts, gifts, airline miles, memorabilia, BetDSI swag – like clothes, hats, pullovers, etc., handicapping services, and gift cards to vendors like Amazon, StubHub, and Papa John’s Pizza.

We love DSI and we know that you will, too. Those that sign up through BangTheBook are in for a real treat with a bonus worth up to 200 percent of your deposit. How can you beat that? Simply use the promo code “BANG200” and start winning today!

BetDSI Parlay Odds

BetDSI is already established as one of the best sports books in the online gaming industry. From the elite customer service to an impeccable reputation, BetDSI is one of the safest and most secure sportsbooks available. This reputation is why parlay bettors flock to place their bets at BetDSI.

For those that don’t know what a parlay is, it can be simply defined. A parlay is a string or combination of bets that link together two or more teams. For the parlay to hit all of the teams or the wagers on the parlay must hit. The more teams on the parlay the bigger the payout will be. The odds for figuring out parlays can be a bit daunting which is why BetDSI as well as other top-brand sports books offer a free parlay calculator.

When playing a parlay, just visit BetDSI and place all of your odds in the free parlay calculator and it will reveal the payouts. At BetDSI the parlay cards can hold from three to ten teams with the odds being paid out varying depending on the money line. However regular parlays have a 15 team limit.

The minimum wager on a parlay card at BetDSI is only $1 and the maximum wager is $5000. The parlay cards that BetDSI offers are based on fixed odds, however if you place a regular parlay in the sports book they are based on true odds. The great thing about BetDSI when it comes to betting parlays is that they exceed the value that other sports books post.

For example a two-team parlay pays an average of 2.6:1 odds at most sportsbooks, but not at BetDSI. BetDSI offers 2.645 payouts on a two-team parlay. BetDSI sets the bar and exceeds it for parlay bettors. BetDSI has already set themselves apart as one of the best sports books and they have done it again with parlays.

2 Teams2.645
3 Teams5.958
4 Teams12.283
5 Teams24.359
6 Teams47.413
7 Teams91.424
8 Teams175.446
9 Teams335.852
10 Teams642.082
11 Teams1226.701
12 Teams2342.793
13 Teams4473.514
14 Teams8541.254
15 Teams16306.940
Note: Maximum parlay payout is $ 150,000
Note: Maximum parlay payout will be enforced when duplicating the same exact parlays.

BetDSI Teaser Odds

BetDSI has stood the test of time as one of the most reputable sports books in the online gaming industry. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, Diamond Sportsbook International (DSI) aka BetDSI has been serving professional and recreational sports bettors for years while always achieving the highest rankings and grades as far as sports book reviews are concerned. This extends to everything that they do to include teaser betting.

A teaser bet can be defined very easily. A Teaser is a combination of two or more football/basketball spreads/totals where you can adjust the point-spreads/totals in your favor while the odds adjust. The amount of teams used in the teaser can vary depending on the sports book and the odds are another option that varies with the online gaming out.

When it comes to BetDSI they offer several options for the number of teams that a sports bettor can place in a wager. When placing a teaser bet at BetDSI a bettor can choose as low as a 2-team teaser all the way up to a 7-team teaser. The odds vary depending on the number of teams used and the number of points used.

At BetDSI a sports bettor can place a teaser with three options of points to be added or subtracted to a point-spread or total. BetDSI offers 6-point teasers, 6.5-point teasers, and 7-point teasers. The odds are dependent on the combination that the sports bettor choose4s to go with.

For example the lowest return on odds at BetDSI would be a two team, 6-point teaser. This combination has odds of (-110), which means that the bettor will lay $110 for every $100 placed on a teaser.  The biggest return would be from a seven team, 6-point teaser bet. The odds on that teaser is (+800) which means that a win would pay $800 for a $100 teaser wager.

BetDSI is a very reputable sportsbook that is a leader in the online gaming industry. That makes BetDSI a perfect place for all of your teaser betting needs.

6 pts6½ pts7 pts7½ pts8 pts8½ pts9 pts
2 Team NFL *-120-130-140-160-180-190-200
3 Team+155+135+120+105-105-115-120
4 Team+250+225+195+140+120+110+100
5 Team+400+375+325+235+200+180+130
6 Team+550+500+475+325+280+230+180
7 Team+800+700+600+445+335+280+230

A tie plus a loss is a loss *

A tie plus a win is NO ACTION *

3 Team-120-140-160-180-190-200-225
4 Team-160-180-200-225-250-275-300

A tie plus a loss is a loss

A tie plus a win is NO ACTION
NO open spots
Max 1 totals allowed
(Any loss in a 3 team or 4 team Special Teaser is a loss, then any push with winners are graded as a push)
-6 Point Football
2 Teams+600
3 Teams+1700
4 Teams+4500
5 Teams+12000
6 Teams+30000
In a 2 team Pleaser, one winner and a push is NO ACTION
Only Sides, NO Totals
POINTS4 pts4½ pts5 pts5½ pts6 pts6½ pts7 pts
2 Team-110-120-130-160-180-190-200
3 Team+180+160+150+105-105-115-120
4 Team+300+250+200+140+120+110+100
5 Team+450+400+350+235+200+180+130
6 Team+600+550+500+325+280+230+180
7 Team+800+700+600+445+335+280+230
A tie plus a loss is a loss *
A tie plus a win is NO ACTION *
7 pts7½ pts8 pts8½ pts9 pts9½ pts10 pts
3 Team-120-140-160-180-190-200-225
9 pts9½ pts10 pts10½ pts11 pts11½ pts12 pts
4 Team-160-180-200-225-250-275-300
A tie plus a loss is a loss
A tie plus a win is NO ACTION
NO open spots
Max 1 totals allowed
(Any loss in a 3 team or 4 team Special Teaser is a loss, then any push with winners are graded as a push)
Point Spreads OnlyWhere Totals are Included
College Football$10,000$3,000
NBA and College Basketball$10,000$5,000
-6 Point Pleaser
2 Teams+600
3 Teams+1700
4 Teams+4500
5 Teams+12000
6 Teams+30000
In a 2 team Pleaser, one winner and a push is NO ACTION
Only Sides, NO Totals
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