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  • Name5Dimes
  • Website5Dimes.eu
  • Established1998
  • LocationCosta Rica
  • PokerYes
  • 50% Deposit Bonus
  • Live Betting, Casino & Racebook
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5Dimes was established in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1998, 5Dimes surpasses other Internet sites by offering a giant selection of lines, some of the best odds, 24-hour customer service, reliable payouts and secure transactions. 5Dimes is the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to providing its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. 5Dimes is the cream of the crop and they take pride in all of their features like deposits and payouts.

5 Dimes offers the bettor so many ways to get money offshore to play with its unreal. They have eleven ways for the bettor to fund their account. They have broken down the list for US and non US bettors and welcome bettors from around the globe. They offer the regular methods such as person to person transfer, check or money order via courier and credit or debit card. They also offer unique transfer processes that other books do not have such as click 2 pay, and even account to account transfer from other sportsbooks. The payout process works just as seamlessly.

All redemption’s are processed via Person to Person Money Transfer, certified check, money order, bank wire or sent to you through a money transfer company. If you make your request in the appropriate time-frame for the method requested, it will be processed immediately and may incur a transaction fee. 5 Dimes allows the player to cash out with all of the same methods they may have used to deposit and the fees are as low as $15 making it one of the lowest in the gaming industry. Banking is never an issue at 5Dimes so the player can focus on wining!

5Dimes are set apart from the others as they offer more betting options for the player. They offer skill games and a lottery and that is unique. In the lottery section they offer a pick 3 and pick 4 and Lotto 900 and even a chance to profit off the power ball drawings! When it comes to skill games 5Dimes has a gambit of quality and fun games for the player. 5Dimes offers skill games which can be played for both fun and real money. Players can perfect their expertise through seven challenging skill games. After a player feels his or her skill is perfected, players can enter tournaments to prove who truly the best is. They offer a myriad of games like Acey Deucey, Dice Poker, Spades, and Gin Rummy.

5dimes is a partner at bangthebook.com and together they offer the sports bettor quality bonuses. It starts with what 5Dimes is famous for reduced juice. They also have free-plays, Matchplay and Lotto Rewards. This includes but is not limited to 50% on new accounts and a $400 free play reward for sportsbook players and Lucky 7 lottery promotions. Sign up today at bangthebook.com and get some of the best that 5 Dimes has to offer!

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18 October 2016 Cole Ryan

5 Dimes Grand Casino Coupon Codes

The gambler likes variety. They may like to bet on sports, bet on horses or even play a few bucks in the casino. With that in mind, it is very important for a gambler to look around at the many options that they have when they are looking for a place to enjoy many different things when it comes to online gambling and betting.

7 October 2016 Cole Ryan

Betting on the NBA at 5 Dimes

It seems like yesterday the Cleveland Cavilers were crowned champions and LeBron James added another trophy to his case. Then the free agent frenzy began and big names switched teams and one noticeable name moved teams.

23 June 2016 Cole Ryan

Wimbledon Betting at 5Dimes

The tennis world comes alive next week when one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year takes place. All of the best tennis players in the world will come to participate in Wimbledon, one of the most highly regarded tournaments and everyone will be watching.Wimbledon is one of the most exciting tennis tournaments of the year and all tennis fans and tennis bettors are eager to bet on this e

20 May 2016 Cole Ryan

Birds Jackpot Slot Game at 5Dimes Sportsbook

Online sports betting sites that have casinos and race books as well as poker rooms have to work hard if they want to get it right. Sometimes the more a sportsbook expands the worse that they get, but that is not the case with one sportsbook that has all of the areas above and they just seem to get better and better.5Dimes sportsbook is a monster in the sports betting industry. They have a reputat

7 May 2016 Cole Ryan

Frankenslots Jackpot Slots at 5Dimes

The excitement of hitting it big on a slot machine is an incredible moment that most casino goers will never forget.  The big money payout and the bright colors make everything even more exciting when you sit down to play your favorite slot machine.This excitement can be found at more than one online sports betting site and casino, but if you truly want the best of all that there is to offer from

28 April 2016 Cole Ryan

5Dimes Big Bingo Event

Online sportsbooks have many exciting things to view and bet on. Although it depends on where the player will bet at, if you are playing at a quality sports betting outlet you will have the opportunity to get some unique betting options and a chance to win big money!5Dimes is the type of sports betting site that has many different options for the sports bettor. This of course includes a legendary

13 April 2016 Cole Ryan

5Dimes Sportsbook's Patriots Day Betting Options

Patriots Day is an underrated holiday in the United States. This holiday celebrates Patriots, the Red, White, and Blue of the American flag and everything that is great about the U.S.A. One sportsbook is joining in on the fun and offering up a chance to make some big money on this unappreciated holiday.5Dimes has long been considered one of the best sports betting sites on the planet. They have lo

7 April 2016 Cole Ryan

Betting on the NBA Playoffs at 5Dimes Sportsbook

The NBA regular season is coming to a close and basketball fans are getting excited to see the second season which is known as the NBA playoffs. This is when the elite teams battle it out to see who the best team is in the NBA.For the NBA basketball bettor this could be the best time of the year. Not only do they get to watch great and exciting basketball, but they get to bet on it. This is why th

9 March 2016 Cole Ryan

5Dimes Jackpot Casino

Playing in a casino at a sportsbook is always fun. There is the excitement of the bright colors and loud sounds and more importantly the big jackpots. However, many sites don’t do it the right way or don’t even offer the big jackpots that the people are craving. 5Dimes is the one place that takes their casino playing seriously. This comes from a top rated sports betting site that has been in t

19 February 2016 Cole Ryan

Live Betting at 5Dimes

Live betting is one of the newest ways to bet on sports. It is fast, exciting and it is taking the sports betting world by storm. If you have never tried this new and innovative way to bet on sports, you should find a sports betting site that has this option and try it out today! One sport betting site that has a live betting interface is 5Dimes. 5Dimes is more than just another sportsbook, they a