Pure Poker Sportsbook

Sometimes a name can be deceiving and sometimes the name is just the start of the things that a sportsbook has to offer. That is why it is best for a gambler that is looking for a place to bet on sports or play poker looks past the name and really figures out what the gambling site is all about.

That especially rings true and makes sense for the Pure Poker website. The name obviously indicates that they are a poker site and they offer poker, which of course is true, but if the sports bettor does not look hard enough they may miss the fact that this website also offers a race book a sportsbook and so much more.

They started their website and their business way back in 2002 and they are located in Curacao. They offer a weak 10 percent bonus to all of their new signups and they are a sister site to Dime line sports. In this case that is an unfortunate turn of events considering that Dime line sports has had their problems in the past with many customer complaints and issues that they have not been able to avoid over the years.

Pure Poker has made some improvements as they try to make strides to become a stand-alone sport betting site and poker playing paradise that is not connected to the bad reputation of another site in the gambling industry.

The update to their poker software is running much faster these days and for those that have played there before, you will be happy with the improvements. This improvement in reaction time is obvious across a selection of things in the poker rooms from the launch of the poker software to the launch of individual tables and ease of multi-tabling. They have also added an instinctual graphic setting that will guarantee your software is running on a graphical setting that enhances your game play involvement, but the fact that they have had to improve is a problem. This means that at one point they had problems and by looking at their software you will see that they are not as advanced as many of the poker playing sites that have offered up a better playing atmosphere as well as a bigger bonus.

At Pure Poker they have a cash club rewards program that offers up a few things for their players. Players earn one club cash points for every dollar wagered in the Casino, Sportsbook and Poker Room. Players may redeem their points and get free bonus money.  Players may redeem five bucks in free money for every 5,000 points they earn. This is nice, but not as good as almost any sportsbook with a decent reputation.

Pure Poker is not bad and they could be worse, but they are just not as good as other gambling websites. This includes both Poker and sports betting websites. Names of websites can be deceiving and pure poker offers more than just Poker, but in reality they are still far away from being a place that should be considered by the poker player or sports bettor that is looking for a new place to play.