Prime Time Sportsbook


Prime Time is a special time and it usually indicates that it is a very exciting time of the day. It is the best part of the day and Prime Time can also indicate other positive things which are why this is such a popular name that has been acquired by athletes. Prime Time sports betting are a site that hopes to bring that same type of excitement to their players.

Prime Time Sportsbook has the name that excites all of their players, but does it live up to the hype? The short answer is no. Prime Time Sportsbook is a scam sports betting site and these books often reveal themselves in all good time. If not they are often exposed by who they do business with, their shady tactics or by great sportsbook review sites like, where our goal is to continuously give you great information so you are always ready to pick a great place to sign up and bet on sports.

Prime Time Sportsbook is related to Lazer Wager a sports betting site that folded and closed their doors to the public. When they did this, they also took all of their player’s money with them. This sports betting site did everything in their power to keep funds from all of their players and still attract new business. They slow payed players and used familiar stall tactics that are used by most scam artists who take money in this business. They said that they were having problems with third party processors but ultimately paid out just two players over a year time span, which is more than unacceptable. They also continued to pour their efforts into marketing and try to get new players to sign up, without realizing that they were going to get scammed as well. Lazer Wager is not Prime Time Sportsbook, but they might as well be.

They are a sister company which means that they fall under the same umbrella and the same management team. They have been caught posting false promotional material and sportsbook review rankings on their site in an attempt to confuse new signups and make people believe that they were a reputable sports betting outlet.

They have also had problems paying and it won’t be too long before they are out of business and looking for a new way to scam players out of business. From bonus fraud to slow-pays or outright stiff jobs, players are conned out of more than $1 million per year and this has to stop. This is why we make it our goal to expose sports betting sites like Prime Time Sportsbook.

The sooner that they are exposed the better of a chance that they will not be able to claim more victims and grab more sign up money from unsuspecting players that have not done their homework.

Prime time may be a good time when it comes to most things, but not when it comes to Prime Time Sportsbook.