Panther Sportsbook

When a new sportsbook comes onto the scene they need some time to build up a following and get a good reputation. This does not happen overnight, but the new sportsbooks should have a strong start and offer up many things if they want to rise to the top in the very competitive sports betting world.

Panther Sportsbooks is not a familiar name. They opened their doors in 2003, yet if you look all over the internet, it is hard to find anything about this sports betting site. How can a site that has been online for over a decade not have a peep about them on the internet? In an age of social media and instant action all over the globe of people giving their opinion on just about anything, how could Panther Sportsbook go unnoticed? This could be for two reasons and neither of them is good.

The first reason could be the fact that they have recently changed their name, platform or both. Usually when a sports betting site does this and they have no trace of the change it is because they have a bad history. The second and other reason they may not be noticed or a household name could be because they are not very good.

That is why they have poor ratings at sportsbook review sites and why they are not getting any accolades. Their websites seems to tell it all, mainly because it says nothing at all.

The first thing that jumps out is the fact that they do not offer any information about their sports betting site. They do not offer contact information outside of a phone number, they do not say where they are located and they do not offer up any history about the management or the history of Panther sportsbook. In fact the only thing that is worth anything on this site is the fact that they have a parlay calculator handy. However, it is obvious that they have put this on their website as a distraction if anything.

If you are going to be a good sports betting site you have to offer up as much information as possible for your customers to feel safe and secure. This of course includes contact information and methods to send money and methods to get paid out. It also includes promos and bonuses that the player can get if they sign up and bet at the sports betting site.

Panther sportsbook offers none of the above. In fact it would seem as though they go out of their way to make sure that their players no nothing about the site, its history or its management. Signing up blind at a sports betting site is the quickest way to get scammed and that is why the last thing that you want to do is put your trust in Panther sportsbook.

There are way too many places to choose that have a quality reputation to waste even one second playing at Panther sportsbook.