Palladium Sportsbook

Sports fans that love to bet on sports or enjoy time in an online casino are always searching for new places to try. A new place will usually mean getting a big bonus and trying out something new. If the sportsbook is a good one, it could mean a great betting experience, but if they are bad it could be a nightmare.

To avoid a nightmare it is very important to research any place before signing up and this includes checking the background of the sports betting site, reading the reviews at many of the online sportsbook review sites and of course checking to see who they are affiliated with. Sometimes just looking over the website could provide a good idea if they are a reputable place to bet on sports.

That is why one look and visit at Palladium sportsbook will reveal that this is the last place that you will want to sign up with and send your money too. One glance at this mediocre website will show you that they have more work to do if they want to be taken seriously in the online gaming world. Start by checking out their promos page to see what they are giving to their new customers. They start by saying that they will give a 25 percent bonus for any new signup up to $250 bucks and while that is not really bad, the fact that they push a free t-shirt as a reason to sign up is just pathetic.

They are based and located in Vancouver Canada which has produced some decent sports betting sites in the past, but this is not one of them. They have been online since 2000, but they have a history of bad problems over that time frame which includes some very terrible violations which includes fraud. The last thing that you want to do is deal with any sort of sports betting outlet that has ever dealt with fraudulent behavior.

They are associated with some  ugly company as well as they have been affiliated with sports betting sites and bad management that has scammed customers out of thousands of dollars. Once they were found out and exposed for the frauds that they are, they ended up closing shop and starting another sportsbook. This is the method of operation for scam books and they have all been connected to Palladium sportsbook. From not paying out customers, voiding bets and just stealing money, Palladium sportsbook has been involved in some shady practices.

The sports betting world is loaded with great and reputable sports betting sites to choose from. These sites have been in business for decades and they have never taken a dime from one of their customers. Although trying new sports betting sites can be interesting and fun, it is not worth it if you are going to lose your hard earned money or not get paid out if you win.

That is why you should completely avoid Palladium sportsbook and do everything in your power to play anywhere else.