Paddy Power


The best sportsbooks are the ones that have been around for a long time, have a solid reputation and are willing to take care of their players. It may seem like that this happens all the time when you sign up with a sportsbook, but it is harder to find than you may think.

Sportsbooks are always talking business and they are always looking to make changes. Let’s look at Paddy Power for example.

They have been online since 1988 and have a solid reputation. While they are not considered one of the best in the business, they usually get high marks when graded at the sportsbook review sites. Paddy Power is Ireland’s main, most successful, security mindful and groundbreaking bookmaker. They have a chain of retail outlets throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and a Dial-A-Bet department and mobile division, so their players can bet on the go. Paddy Power is there 24 hours a day with a customer service team to match that is ready to go and give you everything that you need from a sportsbook.

They have mastered mobile betting. Ten years ago they launched an iPhone App and at one point they were the only bookmaker in the world that was in the Apple App Store. They soon followed that up with apps for the iPad and Android phones and since then mobile betting has become one of the biggest growth areas in the company making Paddy Power an innovator in the business, but all of that can change soon.

This is a business and Paddy Power is looking to make a big deal in the coming year. They are working on a lucrative deal that will impact its players and any new signups. That business is rumored to be with the betting exchange known as Bet fair. Bet fair has enlarged the size of its online sportsbook in the past six months as it prepares for a merger with the aforementioned Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. This merger would be the match of a sports betting giant in the industry.  Bet fair reported a 93% rise in sportsbook volumes to £800 million ($1.2 billion) in the six months during last fall and this sent the revenue numbers through the roof as it increased 15% in revenue growth for the firm. Paddy Power and the very popular betting exchange Bet fair have taken a big step towards a £5 billion ($7.5 billion) merger after both sets of shareholders voted in favor of the deal. The two firms held simultaneous extraordinary meetings to allow shareholders to vote, and an irresistible 99.9% were in favor of the merger. This is not bad news for any customers of either book. Although there may be some growing pains with the merger, it should offer a much better gambling experience.

Paddy Power is still a very reputable sports betting site with a knack for being secure. Signing up is never a problem and although changes are coming you can feel good about playing with Paddy Power.