Only Winners

The sports betting landscape is loaded with sportsbooks that have plenty to offer, but only the best have been able to stand the test of time. Only the best have what it takes to keep players coming back each and every night and bragging about what they have to offer.

Only winners sportsbook is a place that hoped to be high on the recommendation list of any thriving sports betting review site. On the surface the sports betting site looks as though it has everything that a new or old sports bettor would want from a website. This includes plenty of betting options and a connection with a familiar name in the business. is one of the oldest sports betting sites in the business and Only Winners is an offshoot of In the past this would be a good sign, but unfortunately has had some problems in the past. Only Winners claims to have many great betting options for the sports bettor. This includes great things like easy deposits, rewards and bonuses, the best odds, the most odds and one stop shopping to everything that a sports bettor would like. When you look deeper you will see that this site has some issues.

For example you really have to look at the fine print to see that this sports betting portal does not offer any wagering via the telephone. This may seem odd but it is true. This is a day and age of sports betting via a mobile device, but some of the older sports bettors would like to have the luxury of calling in their plays.

Promotions are another important part of any sports betting site. This is the section of the sports betting site that has all of the bonuses and perks for the new player. There is only one problem. When you go to the Promo section at Only Winners you will find nothing. It is blank. There is nothing on it so it is hard for the player to tell what they are and if they can even get any promos when they play at this sports betting site.

The biggest problem is their affiliation with Only Winners is operated by the Group, which uses the company name Jazette Enterprises Limited. Like all books, Only winners is located in Costa Rica and uses World Gaming Software. The Group has unjustly confiscated balances from many players over the past two years. This is a huge problem and one that cannot be overlooked if anyone is going to sign up with this sports betting site.

The players that are serious about where they sign up and bet on sports must look for another place to play. There is no reason to settle for less in your betting experience regardless of how much you play and what you bet on. Only Winners is not the kind of place that you should play at or you are gambling with your payouts.