How To Bet In Ohio – Ohio Sports Betting How To Get Started

One of the toughest things for sports bettors in the present day is when neighboring states have sportsbooks and they do not. The trusty fallback plan is to do what people have done for decades and that is to place bets online. There are a lot of safe, reputable, trustworthy websites to bet with and because of the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it is easier than ever before to place wagers with these places.

Take the state of Ohio for example. Surrounded to the north, east, and west with states that have different sportsbook operators, Ohio’s lawmakers continue to drag their feet with legislation. In the meantime, or even as a supplement when Ohio does get its act together, you can make your bets with places like Bookmaker, BetOnline, and BetUS.

There must be sports betting in the water or something in Ohio. The state has always had a rich tradition in wagering on games and taking an interest in point spreads, over/unders, and money lines.

Talk to anybody you know from Ohio and they’ll either be able to reference a close friend or relative that has a well-defined stake in sports betting or they’ll be able to rattle off somebody famous or in the public eye that bets on sports. It’s just the nature of things in the Buckeye State.

Unfortunately, for a state that only had racetracks and the occasional racino up until 2009, expansions of gambling in Ohio have been few and far between.

That means that sports fans and interested bettors in Ohio have to go elsewhere to scratch their betting itch.

With that in mind, here are three places that you can go:

Places To Bet On Sports In Ohio: