Minnesota Sportsbook

There are many different things to consider when looking for a new sports betting site to gamble at. The new bettor needs to investigate everything at a sportsbook that they are considering and this of course includes reputation and bonuses, but also includes things like the cashier and the customer service as well as their past history.

Minnesota Sportsbook and Casino may not seem like a household name for a sports betting site. After all the state of Minnesota does not seem like a hot bed for a betting place or even a place that anyone would like to visit. That is why it is smart for a sports handicapper that is looking for a new sportsbook to take time to do their research. For instance Minnesota Sportsbook and Casino is not even located in Minnesota or the United States, but instead is located in Costa Rica. They have been in business since 2001 which is very good for a sports betting site, but the fact that they are not located in Minnesota, yet they use it in their name, may show some signs of deception.

Another thing that is concerning is the fact that the Minnesota Sportsbook and Casino website is actually Go To Entertainment. Go To Entertainment is known for creating multiple names for their websites in an attempt to draw traffic that is ready to bet on sports and assuming that they are betting with a place that they are not actually betting at. For those that sign up and believe that they are betting at a Minnesota based sports betting site, they may be surprised and upset to find out that they are actually betting with Go To Entertainment and a website that is based outside of the United States.

They may also be upset to find out that Go To Entertainment has a past history that is not very good. They have a long history of struggling to pay people who win big at their sports betting site. This especially includes players that have won big by betting in their sports betting site or in their casino. The bigger that the player has won, the longer that it has taken Go To Entertainment to pay the player. In fact it has taken up to a year in some cases to pay out players and many have had to fight to get the payout that they deserved.

Go To Entertainment is not only shady, but they have a history of being a difficult place to play at. The customer service team is good at delaying the customer that wants to get paid. This is not worth the hassle and a place like Go To Entertainment or any of their sites like Minnesota Sportsbook and Casino should be not considered as a safe place to play by any new player that is looking for a place to bet on sports.

The sports betting arena is loaded with great places to bet on sports that actually pay so stay away from Minnesota Sportsbook and Casino.