Miami Casino

Everything is better in Miami. This warm weather state is known for many things to include an incredible nightlife, great food, beautiful women and of course gambling. That is why there is no surprise that there is a website that is named after Miami and ready to attract new bettors to start betting on sports.

Miami Casino and Sportsbook has a flashy name that of course will evoke visions of great things that make the sports bettor feel right at home. Although they have a wonderful name they have to make sure that they deliver when it comes to giving their players a great sports betting experience.

They are located in sunny San Jose Costa Rica and they opened their doors to sports bettors in 2001 and they have been attracting players ever since. They have a dubious history however that should make sports bettors or casino bettors think twice before signing up at Miami Casino and Sportsbook.

Mobile betting is the newest way to bet. Any sportsbook that is any good will have to make sure that they have mobile betting that is compatible with any device if they want to keep the current customers that they have and attract new players. At Miami Casino and Sportsbook they claim that they have a mobile betting platform but you would not know it. If you go to the front page of this website you will see that there is a section that they have that describes the mobile betting platform but when you go to that link it is not working. It is completely understandable that not all links can be working at all times, but this link has been this way for a long time and this is a sure sign that they  do not pay close attention to their own site. In fact it can be argued that if they do not pay attention to their own site then how can they possibly pay attention to their customers and what they need? When it comes to a sports betting site and your money you want to make sure that the site is very serious about tracking down your money and giving you all of the customer service that you need and demand from a sport betting site.

When you go to Miami Casino and Sportsbook you will be redirected to a sport betting site called Go To Entertainment. This sportsbook is well known and they have made a habit of making hundreds of different website names and pointing them all to the Go To Entertainment site. They also have another habit that cannot be overlooked and that is slow paying players, especially ones that have had some very big winnings.

Miami Sportsbook and Casino or Go To Entertainment is not a place that a sports bettor would want to sign up with. They have a big problem with paying people and paying attention to detail when it comes to their own site. Forget Miami and Go To Entertainment, instead find another place to bet on sports.