MGM Grand RaceBook and SportsBook

If you travel to Las Vegas and like to wager on sporting events or horse racing, the MGM Grand RaceBook and SportsBook is a must-see. The MGM Grand RaceBook and SportsBook is a staple in Las Vegas and are always on top of the top-ten lists when it comes to sportsbook reviews.

The MGM Grand RaceBook and SportsBook boasts a one-stop shop for all of your betting needs and one of the complaints about the MGM Grand is that there is no reason to leave and visit other sports books. That speaks volumes for the sports bettor looking for a sports book that has everything that a sports bettor needs to enjoy a day out.

The minute that a sports bettor enters the facilities they realize that the MGM Grand sportsbook is different than any other sports book they have ever stepped in. It starts with the size of the sports book as the MGM Grand has a 5,300-square-foot arena for their customers to come in and enjoy the sports betting experience.

The size of the sports book promotes a theatre like atmosphere with a coliseum feel to it. They are the only sportsbook in Vegas to offer high-end looking skyboxes that allows the sports bettor to get in to the game by getting a broad overlook of the entire sports book from the skyboxes.

The skyboxes are elite and they are state-of-the-art with the many amenities that they present. There are four skyboxes that are sized from 300 to 325 square feet and can hold up to 10 guests. MGM Grand can also adjust two skyboxes to accommodate up to 20 people when a bigger party wants to visit the sports book for the ultimate gaming experience.

The skybox is the ultimate spot for betting on sports or horse racing. It has the feel of a high roller suite, but is open to anyone who wants to experience the best that the MGM Grand has to offer.

The skyboxes are equipped with CD systems powered by surround sound and plasma televisions to cover any event that has been wagered on. The elevated view of the action puts the player in the middle of the action and is one of the best features offered by any sports book.

The wagering options are endless at the MGM Grand as they have everything covered from horse racing to gigantic sporting events such as the Super bowl. MGM Grand Offers pari-mutuel and nonpari-mutuel race wagering on all daily events. They deliver timely sports futures and proposition wagers on some of the biggest events in sports such as the Final Four and the Super bowl.

The MGM Grand is a compound that is worthy of a king.

They put extra effort in all that they do so it is no surprise that the sports and race book take it to a different level of comfort and luxury. The sports book has all of the tools and viewing options that any sports bettor would need to enjoy a day of betting on the best sports wagering that there is to offer.