Mayan Sports Sportsbook

Looking for a sports betting site to bet on sports can be very difficult but if you look closely you can find warning signs with any place that can be identified rather quickly. Once these signs show up you can see right away that a sportsbook should be avoided.

Mayan Sports is a sportsbook that has great promise as their site mentions that they are fully licensed and regulated which is always something that a player should look for when they sign up at a sports betting site. This will give the player the assumption that a sports betting site is worth looking at, but there is other sports betting warning signs that Mayan Sports displays that makes this a sports betting site that should be avoided.

First of all, one look at the front page shows that this sports betting site is not up to date. When you sign up at a sports betting site they must be up to date. The front page at Mayan Sports shows that they are advertising an NFL special but the National Football league is not even in season! The sports that are hot right now are not the NFL and this show just how out of touch that this sports betting site is. They also have a live odds feed that is not working. If something as simple as a live odds feed is not working than how can you be assured that the sportsbook is fully functional? How can you be assured that you and your money will get the attention that they need when something goes down? The real answer is that you can’t.

They are located in Curacao and they also offer up a 25% cash bonus for all of their new players but that does not matter when the site itself does not work and when they have big problems paying out their customers. They have a long history of problems paying their clients and this has to be addressed before signing up at Mayan Sports.

They offer a few different areas of this site to gamble at which includes a sport betting section, poker room and a casino. So if you do sign up then you will be able to see more than one area and exactly what they do have to offer, but at what costs? You have to sign up if you want to see exactly what this sports betting site has to offer because they require a login before showing you the deposit methods and other features of their site.

In this day and age you do not have to settle for less and you do not have to play at a sports betting site that has had problems in the past or have questionable tactics when it comes to paying out their players. You deserve more and that is why you should look elsewhere when signing up at a new place to bet on sports and allow Mayan Sports a chance to build on their sorry reputation before taking a chance at this lowly sports betting outlet.