Mandalay Bay RaceBook and SportsBook

When traveling to Las Vegas it is never hard to find a quality establishment that offers everything that a gambler is looking for. This includes everything from night life, to fine dining, and most importantly the ultimate gaming experience. The casinos all over Las Vegas are competing for your action and they want you to stay as long as possible, so they not only need top notch customer service, but they need quality amenities to keep you at the sports book for as long as possible. This is where Mandalay Bay Race and Sports Book step up to the plate.

The name alone is synonymous to high roller atmosphere and quality gaming. Mandalay Bay is a favorite of many of the old timers that remember nights filled with excitement and luxury. Over the years Mandalay Bay has changed but they are still a casino that should be on the must-see list for anyone that heads to Sin City.

The sports book itself is huge in dimension and has enough seating for 300 spectators and sports bettors to enjoy a full dame of betting on everything from horse racing to sports betting on nearly event under the sun. In the center of it all is a 28-foot-by-30-foot projection screen that features the best game of the day so everyone in the sports book can watch a play-by-play of their favorite game that they have wagered on. Mandalay Bay does need to improve in this aspect, however because they lack true quality HD televisions which is a staple in today’s market. Although projection screens can cover more area they often lack the definition and quality that sports bettors are used to seeing on a daily basis in their own living room.

The race book and the sports book are nearly halved and share the room to accommodate bettors who like races as well as sports bettors. Mandalay Bay may need an upgrade when it comes to televisions, but they are top-notch when it comes to perks for the customer.

It all starts with the drink specials. Mandalay Bay always has a waitress on the ready and they are usually easy on the eyes as well. If you take care of them with similar attention, you will never worry about your drink getting empty. To make sure that you don’t leave they also offer Turf Club Deli snack bar, a full service snack bar for burgers and other snacks.

The main draw at Mandalay Bay is the boxing events. Since Mandalay Bay hosts many of fights the betting always picks up right around fight time and they are never shy about their limits. High rollers often watch and wager on the fight at Mandalay Bay because they have some of the highest limits in Vegas and they are willing to cater to anyone that wants to make Mandalay Bay home for all of their sports betting needs.

Mandalay Bay may need some upgrades in certain areas, but they are still one of the best books in Vegas and deservedly belong in the top ten.