Loose Lines Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

At some point in our lives, all of us have agonized over where to go for dinner. The national chains are safe and mostly reliable. The regional chains are typically a good bet. The local chains have been able to franchise for a reason. Sometimes, though, you find that diamond in the rough. That one little spot that is so good, you wonder why more people don’t know about it.

In the sports betting industry, that spot is LooseLines Sportsbook. Reduced juice sportsbooks are true diamonds in the rough in this business. A lot of sportsbooks will offer big, lofty free play and cash bonuses because they know that their margins and high hold percentages will eventually allow them to get that money back.

There is something special and satisfying about a reduced juice sportsbook. In the long run, that benefit often outweighs bonus money. LooseLines offers both and the choice is yours, but the fact that you have that choice is a reason why this underappreciated, under-the-radar sports betting outlet draws a rave review from us.

LooseLines is one of the sister books of the Jazz Sports family along with Bet ABC Islands. With an easy-on-the-eyes “dark mode” color scheme and some strong selling points, this is definitely a sportsbook you want to take a long, hard look at if you want to open a new account.

What Does Reduced Juice Actually Mean?

The vig or “juice” is essentially the “tax” or the “house edge” that you pay on a bet. The industry standard is -110. The idea for the sportsbooks is that they can use the vig to help balance the books and, in theory, give themselves a profitable outcome almost every time. If 100 bets come in on each side of a game, the -110 means that the house will take in and hold less than it pays out for the winning side.

This is just a fact of betting for customers. The vig is the vig and there isn’t much we can do about it except win at a high enough rate to cover it. At a standard vig of -110, the break-even rate is 52.38%. At a reduced juice vig of -105, the break-even rate is 51.22%. What that means is that you have to win 51.22% of the time at -105 odds to break even. Anything higher than that means you would be turning a profit.

Sportsbooks that offer reduced juice often give you that choice in lieu of a deposit bonus. LooseLines is no different. You can take Free Play or Cash bonuses, but over the long term, reduced juice is a better bet.

There are three kinds of reduced juice bonuses. You can get -105 on NFL, NCAA, and NBA sides and totals. That is the most popular. You can also choose the Dime Line reduced juice feature and get juice automatically adjusted to -110 and also get better teaser payouts. Finally, you can do the Progressive Line type with -110 juice and cash bonuses.

If you do want the free play or cash bonuses, they range from 10% to 50% with accompanying rollovers and additional restrictions. Deposits must be at least $100 to apply for bonuses.

Deposits and Withdrawals

LooseLines Sportsbook accepts Bitcoin, which is always the easiest method of deposit these days. Electronic transfers, like credit cards or payment processors like Skrill, are available, but bonuses are capped at 10% with those methods. You can also use bank wires, bank transfers, Western Union, or MoneyGram.

Note that there is a 21-day hold for your first credit/debit card deposit, so account for that when you process the transaction. Bitcoin deposit fees are covered on deposits over $50.

Person-to-Person and cryptocurrency are the two main methods of withdrawal. All deposit methods except for credit card can also be used for withdrawals. Personal information and identity confirmation is often required to process those withdrawals.

LooseLines Odds & Experience

Everybody is using Dark Mode these days with everything from social media to the default setting on their phones. LooseLines utilizes a black, white, and green color scheme that will remind a lot of users of the old D Generation X faction in the WWF. It is very easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. There is also a very mobile-friendly option when you access your account on a smartphone.

Fair odds are a hallmark of LooseLines, as the name would imply. Even if you opt against the reduced juice options, you aren’t going to find a lot of -120 and higher lines. That goes against everything that they stand for. You can bet with confidence here knowing that you aren’t getting taken advantage of with predatory lines.

LooseLines Casino & Racebook

LooseLines does not have a poker room, but does offer a casino and a racebook for its players. The racebook features tracks all over the world and includes a 7% rebate on horse racing bets.

The casino is loaded with all of your favorites. As LooseLines says, it is Las Vegas in your hand. There are over 400 games, including table games like blackjack, roulette, and poker variants. There are also dozens of slot machines so that you can pick out exactly which game you want. Additional deposit bonuses are available for the online casino.

Why LooseLines Sportsbook?

Reduced juice is where it’s at. Ask any sports bettor what they’d love to have in a sportsbook and he or she will tell you that reduced juice lines are tremendously beneficial to your bottom line. The ability to get your bets down on some of the best odds in the industry is really the only selling point you need about LooseLines, but a robust casino interface and a really pleasing color scheme are also nice perks that come with having an account at LooseLines.