Linesmaker Sportsbook

The Linesmaker is one of the most interesting players in the sports betting world. They set the odds for all of the sporting events and in reality they are the one player that the sports betting fan is trying to take down. That is why it is interesting that a sports betting site decided to take that moniker.

Linesmaker sportsbook opened their doors and jumped online in 2003 along with many of the most respected sportsbooks in the business. They are also offering up to a 100 percent bonus for all of their new players. This is a lofty bonus for all new players which is always a good thing, but it also raises eyebrows for sports betting veterans that realize that big bonuses do not always equate to a safe and secure sports betting location.

Although Linesmaker is a reputable sportsbook that has some good things at their site, they have also had their share of problems. They are accused of stealing just under $16,600 from one player that made wagers at their sports betting site. That player made over $10,000 worth of deposits and won over $16,000 to bring their account over $27,000 and Linesmaker took it all away. The sportsbook cited that they believed the player was associated with a syndicate or using multiple accounts as a reason to take away money. They were unable to provide proof of their claims and the player never received the money and was not allowed to wager at Linesmaker any longer.

This is an issue for any sports betting site. This means that they are only looking for recreational bettors and will turn down any sharp sports bettors. More importantly it means that they can take away winnings at any time with little or no proof to back their decisions. In the example above, they refunded the original deposit, just took away the winnings. Either way this is a black eye for a sport betting outlet that limits their players.

They do offer up some solid promotions for the new player at their sports betting site. The first time you login to the casino you will be greeted with your Big Wheel O’ Free Money game. Take a spin of the wheel and you could win up to $30 per spin! The more you play the more that they pay! Earn Club Cash points with every sports wager or casino game you play. Cash in your points for Real Money, Free Money, Free Payouts, and more! So they have free promotions, extra bonuses and even a loyalty program that pays their players back. These are things that players like when betting with a sportsbook, but this may be the kind of location that is best for new players that are learning the ropes.

If you are an experienced sports bettor or if you like to play with huge dollar amounts you may want to choose another sports betting destination. This sportsbook can do whatever they want which includes confiscating wins, so beware if you win big at Linesmaker.