Legend Sportsbook

One look around the internet will unveil hundreds of sports betting sites that all think that they are the best. They will brag about how great they are, regardless of the type of reputation that they have. So when you are looking to sign up at a sport betting site you have to make sure that you do your own research.

Legend Sportsbook is one of those sportsbooks that is not afraid to brag about how good of a sports betting site that they are.

They claim that they have the most advanced technology, Legend SportsBook claims to bring the possibility to bet everywhere and anytime from their website or your mobile device. They provide previews, tips, and news about the most important events to help their players make a smarter bet. They have a sportsbook, a race book and live virtual casino games. They have a private poker room and they always mention that they have sportsbook bonuses for all of their new players. They certainly do talk a big game at Legend Sportsbook, but you won’t know until you try them out.

They have a 100 percent bonus that they offer as a welcome bonus to all of their new players. This is a nice bonus because it allows the new player to double all of their money with their very first deposit. All of this sounds nice, but one look at the background of this sportsbook sends up several red flags.

Legend Sportsbook is closely related to Apex Sportsbook which has a rocky history to say the least. Apex was established years ago and they used their knowledge of ranking high in search engines to get big money signups and they rewarded all of those signups with big bonuses. Because they gave out big bonuses they were not able to stay afloat and they eventually had to shut their doors for good. The worst part is that they did not repay the players and held all funds leaving their players penniless and without their winnings. This made Apex or any sportsbook affiliated with Apex a place that should be avoided. Since that time Apex has come back in several different capacities backing different sportsbooks which includes Legend Sportsbook. This is not good news for any player that wants to sign up with Legend Sportsbook.

Also of note Legend Sportsbook should not be confused with the old A+ rated”Legends (with a “s” and operated under URL BetLegends.eu) until closing and selling to WagerWeb.

Apex has done this before and they will do it again. They have not improved their reputation so there is every reason to believe that they could do it again. Do not waste your time with Legend Sportsbook. The website looks professional and the many perks that they offer make it a very enticing place to sign up at, but in this case looks can be deceiving.

The sportsbook in the market place today are loaded with reputable sites that do not have the problems that Apex and Legends Sportsbook has had. This is exactly why you want to sign up with a sports betting site that is safe instead of wasting your time with a place like Legend Sportsbook.