Jungle Wager


Sometimes the simple approach is the best approach when considering a place to bet on sports. With so many options when looking for online sports betting site it is very easy to get overwhelmed by what there is to offer on a regular basis when searching through the bounty of online sportsbooks.

Jungle wager will not blow you away when you stop and look at their sports betting website. Sure they have an attractive marquee scroll which highlights the latest sports events that a sports bettor could bet on, but after that it gets a bit, bland.  In fact the more that you look at Jungle Wager the more you will find that this site is not all about bells and whistles and instead they are more on the mysterious side.

What you will find out is they hit the internet in 2009 and have been online ever since. They also ate up the customers that were playing at Bet Met and Metallic Sports, two sportsbooks who went under in 2009. The website will also show you that they offer wagering on sports, horses, casino and a poker room, but that is pretty much what every other sports betting site on the planet offers.  The biggest problem is that they don’t tell the new player enough.

When a new player looks to sign up with a new sportsbook they want to be able to look at the front page of a betting site and see what they have to offer. They want to know where that sportsbook is located, if they are licensed or even if they have any testimonials. They want to know all of the basics as well.

Does this sportsbook take many different deposit methods? Do they have quick payouts and which methods do they use when paying out a customer? At Jungle Wager they have a phone number that you can call and that is it. When you click on the “about us” link you have less information than before you clicked on that link.

Of course every site has a positive and for Jungle Wager the positive is that they have a link on their front page that quickly goes to a football betting prop sheet for Super Bowl 50. The problem is that the game is over and that sheet is no longer relevant, which also means that Jungle Wager does nothing to update their website in an expedient manner. Some quick research will tell you that this is an agent site more than a mainstream sports betting site.

They are in business for one reason and one reason only and that is to serve agents and local bookies who want to have a place for their players to play. If you are a bookie and you want to use Jungle Wager to get your players an online presence, then good luck. However, if you are serious about sports betting and want to bet on sports then find another place to bet besides Jungle Wager.