Japan Casino and Sportsbook

A sports betting site will pull out all of the stops when they are searching for new players to play at their sports betting location.  They search countries, states and any part of the world that they can find new sports bettors. Their goal is to try and get as many signups as possible and they can do this by targeting a certain area.

That is the entire goal of Japan Casino and Sportsbook. They have a lofty goal of targeting Japan as a location to get new clients. They have pulled out all of the marketing stops to get players to go to their sports betting site. In fact they are taking more pride in attracting new players than they are when it comes to taking care of the ones that they already have.

This is a familiar method of operation for those that are familiar with the sportsbook that is called Go To Entertainment. They have a long history of using their marketing principles and techniques to cast a wide net to attract new players so it makes sense that they would create Japan Casino and Sportsbook to go along with the other sports betting sites that they have created over the years. The goal of the site is to use what they know to get players from a place like Japan by creating a web site name like Japan Casino and Sportsbook that directs the new player to Go to Entertainment. Once they sign up several players they will move on to their next target area.

They have to do better at taking care of their players if they hope to grow their brand. Japan Casino is the seventh Go to Entertainment sportsbook to enter market in recent months. The Costa Rica-based operation is currently slow-paying multiple large winners which is never a good thing as there have been reports of $500 installment payments in response to four figure withdrawal requests in recent history. Slow-pay complaints from large Go To Sportsbook winners started in the middle of 2008 and they continue to haunt this organization today.

They want their current players to stay with them and they even have a loyalty bonus program. Go To Entertainment tries to help out those players that continue to play with this book even when they are losing by offering  rated, loyal player’s, 5% cash back on Sportsbook net losses, each month. They know that you have many places to play and hope you will continue to build a relationship with Go To Entertainment instead of looking for another place to spend your money.

This place is all about marketing and all about new bettors. Although this is common practice for many of the great sports betting sites, they also take time out to treat their current customers the right way. This is something that is lacking at this sports betting site. With so many options to choose from, the smart bettor will choose another place to Go To and it will not be this site.